Science is a reliable way of thinking as it is not about absolutes and does not have to explain everything but children exposed to religious indoctrination can have real difficulties distinguishing fact from fiction.

Could it be argued that many conspiracy theories are dangerous? Is that is why so many adults with poor critical thinking skills keep falling for the fear-mongering of snake-oil peddlers?

When we have less magical thinking we will be better able to understand rather than fear Science.

Now that you are an Atheist who uses more than 10% of your brain you may be able to claim a million dollars from Deepak Chopra!!

Nothing like Physics on a Sunday morning with some musings on Time to enjoy your coffee with :-)

NASA predicts it may discover alien life within the next twenty years.

The rise of Secularism in America is countered by an increase in Christian fundamentalism. Could you help by knitting a brick? Maybe then more public meetings will start without prayer and Christians will become more tolerant of others.

A discussion on why we don’t need gods to live a meaningful life.

This article on the problem of evil is written by a Christian. It is intellectually cringe inducing but is worth a read because it shows how poor their arguments are. It covers the usual invalid assumptions about Atheists and shows how faith prevents the ability of some adults to think freely.

In China, a four-winged dinosaur has been discovered.

Ten things we did not know last week.

Coffee Break Video: Ex-Atheist blogger Leah Libresco talks to Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland and 30 famous writers talk about God.

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From 10 things.....

"Baby turtles co-ordinate their hatching by talking to one another through their egg shells."

That is cool!!!

"Me first!"

"No ME first!"

"No, me.....!"

Children exposed to religion have difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction

The odd about this article is that it focuses on children not being able to discern only non-religious facts from fiction. As if religion gets a waver...

Just as Christians want other theories (Creationism) to be given equal weight in schools I think we should insist on them having the non-fiction version of the Bible to read.


Wow, that ChristianToday story about the problem of evil. The ignorance is painful. If they ever bothered to learn what atheists really believe, it would blow their minds.


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