The rise of the religious theocrat is damaging the pillars of America’s civil democracy. In some States you cannot technically enter public office if you are an atheist. The federal government is still funding faith based organisations with little or no oversight as to how it is spent.

We have all heard of the “God Delusion” complex. The Journal of Neuropsychiatry looks at the mental states of Biblical characters, including Moses, Abraham, St Paul and the one who claimed to be God. Did they all suffer from psychotic disorders?

In Poland an abortion case has refocused the issue of women’s rights versus religious beliefs.

A bakery in Northern Ireland is in trouble for refusing custom to a member of a gay rights group because of their belief system.  See TA blog here.

Religion today and problem solving.

There is now almost complete censorship in Pakistan.

It is not easy to say “Goodbye to God” when you were an ultra-conservative Jew in Israel.

A pastor and members of his flock are jailed for torturing a young boy.

The violence associated with witchcraft should be internationally branded as a hate crime.

A school in Atlanta tries to teach creationism. How do these people get to remain as educators of children?

Another casualty of the Syrian war is the loss of its unique cultural heritage.

Understanding the Scientific Consensus and why belief often trumps fact.

Exploding stars and the origins of cosmic dust and how the orbits of planets ruin a good theory.

Pelagornis Sandersi, the largest bird to have ever lived.

American Atheists announce the official launch of Atheist TV.

“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” earns 12 Emmy nominations.

This Catholic priest thinks Yoga is bad for your soul.

Ten things we did not know last week.

Some Atheist songs?

Coffee Break video: The Evolution of human innovation.

Have a great week!!

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Oh wow. I can't wait to watch this coffee break video! Thanks for Sunday School Reg... ;)

Thanks Reg for the good work. 

RE: Witches being killed. How sad. These remind me of the anti-gay African laws.

It's not a good religion when it teaches you this kind of paranoia. When it teaches you whatever calamities befall you can be caused by evil neighbors casting spells, and especially when it prescribes death for those accused of witchcraft.

It doesn't matter if you say they're interpreting it wrong. It doesn't matter if you claim it's not the true spirit of the Bible. Or that they're not doing what Jesus really wants. The fact is your holy book teaches these things in plain language; and when people read the text plainly, they come up with things like this. It is a direct result of Christian missionaries and their zeal to spread the "Holy Ghost" to all the nations.


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