The UN welcomes President Obamas' amendments to the International Religious Act which protects our rights not to have to wear silly hats.

Most atheists like to work through the bewilderment of life for themselves.

A study has been conducted into what happens to our brain when faced with counterevidence that contradicts our strongly held beliefs. Do read the comments too.

Religious privilege leads to intolerance whatever shape it takes.

President Teddy Roosevelt called Thomas Paine a “Filthy little Atheist”.

A conversation with Michael Wear on the Democrats religion problem.

Somehow I don’t think this happened on a small planet near an average star.

This weeks’ Woo: A review of fake treatments for real diseases and some bad myths to leave in 2016.

Climate Change: A look back in time at our sensitive planet.

Will scientists and philosophers wake up to consciousness not being so mysterious? Should we let the machines decode brain activity for us if it is too complicated?

The year 2016 in religion and politics and a PRRI study on the shape of politics in 2017. You thought 2016 was a bad year? There were plenty worse.

The Tremendous One picks the right pastor to pray at his inauguration (Trumps’ inauguration, not Gods’).

Eleven scientific milestones from 2016.

What if we haven’t seen any aliens because they are all dead?

Absolute morality from God doesn’t exist.

The Pros and Cons of Empathy. (Watch the video below first).

One Hundred things we did not know last year. Some photographs taken last year.

Pictures of Aleppo from before the war.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

Coffee Break Video: Paul Bloom and the Dangers of Empathy. Lawrence Krauss gets serious.

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RE:Coffee Break Video: Paul Bloom and the Dangers of Empathy.

I was totally confused as a young kid. The same people who coddle a wounded sparrow back to health would chop a harmless garden snake to pieces with an axe.

That reminds me of how David Attenborough answered religious people.  It is all selective. What is held high in one culture is often not regarded in another.

David Attenborough will never know how many people he has inspired to learn-on !!!!

Reg, thanks as usual for some great reading.  I will be reading through these lessons for the week.

The Michael Wear link describes what I have been saying for a while as well.  Most progressives continue to demonize the vast middle of the US, and especially the evangelicals.  A true leader will find ways to bring people together.  A demagogue finds ways to play the groups off each other.  What is needed now for Democrats, if they are to have a resurgence, is to find ways to make their philosophy of inclusion, inclusive.  I don't have to want someone in my house at the dinner table, in order to know that their needs need to be addressed as much as mine.  And vice versa.

I think Daniel that one of the problems with politics (not just in the USA) is that not only have the mainstream parties become so polarized but so to have the media that reports on them. Too much of the media, Internet and Broadsheet lack any independence. They tend to be more concerned about advertising revenues and do less and less fact checking before they print (hence the fake news / post truth situation).  It is not just that the middle is being ignored but it almost being portrayed as non-existent. The regular political parties have fallen for it. They ignored their voices because they fell into the trap of listening to the media rather than to their voters. Trump heard them though. He played upon it and attacked the system and the media for doing so.

Yep the voters spoke. Chalk one up for the Dawkin's selfish gene.


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