Happy New Year Everyone! Here are a few things to look forward to in 2014.

Barnes and Noble are now selling a magazine from American Atheist. Anyone got a copy yet?

Richard Dawkins in an interview with Slate.

We do it all the time but this former pastor is going to live for “A Year without God”. He will keep an account of it in this blog.

Many people still do not believe that we are an evolved species. Even many of those that do accept it believe it is a process driven by a supreme being, according to a recent poll by Pew Research.

This time a Christian is accused of blasphemy by some easily offended Muslims.

Did anyone hear the word “Detox” used when it came to New Year resolutions? Acupuncture is pointless too.

ACLU to sue Catholic Bishops for negligence due to its anti-abortion policies on behalf of Tamesha Means.

What do the Little Sisters think about women’s rights?

PZ Myers on the Bill Nye debate with Ken Ham. There is so much scientific ignorance.

EBay – “Take an atheist leader to Church”

How mass extinction drove the Evolution of dinosaurs.

Scientists are serious about Science.

The Pope helps to make Atheists!!

Coffee Break video: Maysoon Zayid gives an enabling talk.

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The approach Ryan Bell is taking is similar to what I did. I just stopped everything "Christian" and started reading atheist stuff, and solving all of life's problems myself.

I became an atheist very quickly.


Two things:

1. I am surprised that 10% more men than women accept evolution as the explanation for the varied lifeforms on the planet today.

2. Education is vital. Those with advanced learning understand & accept evolution more readily than the uneducated masses. Education must continue to be the tool of choice for eradicating religion. 

How much money exchanged hands for Barnes and Noble to agree to put the American Atheists' magazine on the front of their magazine stands? 

I'll check out my B&N. I doubt they have it out front. It's always buried and I could see offended people moving it back. I sometimes do put a copy of a science or political magazine in front of the gossip magazines...so I can't judge that too harshly. Yep, I'm one of those jerks.

....and if you ever find a copy of "God is not Great" in the Religion section, I could be nearby!

I'm seeing the idea of the pope making help atheist in my own home with my mother, she's a bible literalist and she have become so desillusioned with the church that she decided not to continuing assisting in her mid fifties. And no help from my part.

She still believes though?


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