Sam Harris writes about the evolution of scientific ideas. How deep is the political divide when it comes to scientific scepticism?

Deepak Chopra gets discussed in the Irish Times. His new age mumbo jumbo is the “spiritual equivalent of candyfloss: unbearably sweet, devoid of substance and guaranteed to make anyone with a functioning brain feel sick after a couple of bites.” The comments at the end make for interesting reading.

Science debunks another diet plan and several weight-loss companies are charged with fraud. A psychic is sent to jail for 4 years and forced to repay over $2 million to the people she scammed. How did she not see this coming? Here is how to sell “Quantum Snake Oil” properly. A good article here on the “Ethics of Homeopathy”.

Volcanic activity may have been responsible for a rise in CO2 that led to temperature increases that led to the diversity of life on Earth.

The mystery of the “V formation” of migrating birds has been solved.

Astronomers may soon witness a huge gas cloud collide with “Sagittarius A”, a supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

Global religious hostilities are on the rise according to this Pew report.

Pope Frank has defrocked over 400 child sex abusers in just 2 years. He should read this report. He is considering sainthood for Pope Pius X11 but that depends on the outcome of an investigation into his role as the “Hitler Pope”.

We can all help to prevent sexual abuse.

A refugee from Afghanistan is granted asylum in Britain on the grounds that his life is in danger because he is an Atheist. Apostasy is punishable by death.

Nigeria has wasted little time in instigating its witch-hunt against gay people.

What happens when religious hatred is underestimated?

The Huffington Post has an article you should read. 11 things Atheists cannot do and another on ending “arrogant atheism”.

Fox News commentator calls for the murder of Satanists.

How men’s brains are wired differently than women’s.

A modern day Immaculate Conception by a nun that had none.

Toxic leadership and the environments that help to create them.

Coffee Break video: Karen Armstrong on Compassion.

Thanks to everyone that sent me links during the week.

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Great links Reg

Thanks as always Onyango.

Great stuff. Thanks for putting it together

It is interesting the way the media portray the story about the refugee from Afghanistan being granted asylum on the grounds that he is an Atheist. The story reads as if he needs protection because he is an Atheist rather than reading that his life is in jeopardy because of the murderous intent of religious fanatics.

They won’t kill him because he is a non believer but because he is no longer a believer in their religion of peace. So the headline should read something like “Man given asylum because religious bigots are known to be murderers”. Of course it is great that he got asylum but it would be a change to read a newspaper that had the balls to criticize the extremists in Islam more often. Let’s have a cartoon competition!!

Here is a related story. Amal Farah talks about her difficulties with Islam and her Atheism.


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