The concept of “inclusive fitness” which is part of the “Selfish Gene” concept is under review.

Some innovations in Science and Technology to look forward to in 2014.

Former Irish President criticizes the Catholic Church over its stance on gay people. It must be a god thing as a man in Utah goes on hunger strike in opposition to allowing everyone the same human rights as his.

To demonstrate how peaceful their religion is, Muslims burn a library in Lebanon to the ground. What next? They will take offence to ice cream cones but not mass rape? All this and more in the name of Allah!

God allows pastor to drown.

Who is Asia Bibi?

Who is Jessica Ahlquist?

You may recall this news when a Pastafarian was allowed to have his driving license picture show him wearing a colander on his head. This time another member of the Church of the FSM (Praised be his Sauce) has had his faith respected.

Will these Satanists in Oklahoma get permission to erect a statute of Satan beside the Ten Commandments monument?

Last week I posted that a former pastor is spending 2014 living as an Atheist. He has now been sacked from both his teaching jobs over it.

Alan Keyes accuses President Obama of “social gangsterism” and calls on Jesus to help have him impeached.

Not every member of the Knesset has come to praise Ariel Sharon.

The top Evolution stories of 2013.

The Gaia satellite has reached orbit and will soon start to map a billion stars in our galaxy. This will take 5 years and from the model it builds we will have an almost complete map of everything in the Milky Way.

Ethan Siegel asks “Why does the Milky Way look curved”?

Hubble is still busy at work and has revealed the deepest view of the Universe ever seen.

Scientists get stuck in the ice in Antarctica.

Some commentary on politicians that do or don’t “believe in Evolution”.

Book Review: The Apostles of Reason.

Here is a great educational site you might like to bookmark: Video Lectures

Coffee Break video: 5 minutes on Relativity and a 5 minute dip in the ocean

Just some photos from Time magazine instead (view full screen).


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Great Sunday school Reg! Thanks for doing this for us every week....

My first comment is GO Jessica!!!! LOL!!!!
The mass rape article about Syria breaks my heart.......what (if anything) can we do to help?

It appears that all parties involved in the Syrian conflict have their god on their sides. They have been granted official permission by their religious leaders to rape the women of the enemy. It is difficult to know what to do. I have participated in a march to raise awareness of the horrors being inflicted on the civilian population and donated a few dollars but it does seem futile when you hear stuff like this. I will continue to rage against it and make people aware of it when I can. However it would help if the religious leaders called for peace. They make a mockery of their own religion by issuing fatwas that allow such barbarity to happen. Islam may mean “Peace” to some but it is all about Jihad and the promotion of fundamentalist sharia law. Its proponents are a disgrace to their own religion, to the prophet Muhammad and to humanity. It is not much different in other places like the Central African Republic where they are also very busy killing in the name of their god. Happy Birthday Muhammad. They have done you proud.

Is it true that Asia Bibi appealed to the Pope, and he has not asked the Pakistani officials for her pardon? I understand he is a busy dude.. Looking for a martyr?



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