Atheism and Religion:

Recently there was a three day, conversation-like debate with William Lane Craig and Lawrence Krauss in Australia. Two of the days are up online, but not the third. There is also an interview with both of them that's a good read.

Jerry Conye picks apart a study that purports to link morality and science.

Catholic priests in Britain and France lament the death of Christianity there.

Coptic Christians in Egypt continue to be attacked by Islamists since the recent overthrow of Morsi.

Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, a noted skeptic and debunker of supernatural claims who was pushing for an anti-superstition bill, was assassinated in Pune, India for his work. An arrest was made Wednesday.

The Brain:

Neuroscientists grow a human brain in a lab from stem cells to the level of a nine week old fetus in an attempt to better study microcephaly.

A new study in the journal Science shows that poverty puts a mental burden on a person equivalent to a drop in IQ of 13 points.

"In a new study published in Nature Physics, a team of researchers from Spain has shown that emergence in neuronal networks can be explained as a noise-driven phenomenon that is controlled by the interplay between network topology and intrinsic neuronal dynamics."

Researchers at the University of Washigton have developed a way to move the hand of one researcher over by transmitting the brainwaves of another researcher over the internet. One thinks and the other moves!


The longest canyon on earth was found under the Greenland ice sheet measuring more than 450 miles.

In accord with the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012, 43 global financial institutions are moving to give value to “natural capital.”

Overuse of the High Plains aquifer in the American Midwest along with high cattle and corn production threaten the future of the aquifer.

slowdown in rising global temperatures may be related to temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.


China's ascent into space is moving quickly. They just announced that by the end of the year they will launch a lunar rover.

NASA has discovered a massive black hole 26,000 light years away that rejects some material.


measles outbreak occurred in northern Texas at a church pastored by the daughter of prosperity gospel televelangelist, Kenneth Copeland, and both of them have spoken up against vaccines in the past.

A study published in Molecular Psychology correlates autism with auto-immunity in mothers.

Using randomized treatments in the case of an outbreak treatable by antibiotics exponentially raises the chance of a sudden die-off of the disease.


new element was confirmed. It was created by firing charged zinc atoms at lead.

We have moved one step closer to artificial photosynthesis.

Physicists have conducted a laboratory simulation that has reproduced a pattern resembling the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation given off by the Big Bang.


Evidence found in northern Israel points to a possible spice trade in cinnamon 3,000 years ago.

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Thanks man....Kudos !!!

No problem! It seemed like it was a more quiet week than normal, but then I also wasn't looking through all my normal sites. Those are all book marked on my PC which I just got shipped in yesterday and haven't gotten it hooked up yet.

Great links

Thanks for the article on "poverty puts a mental burden on a person". I'm passing that one around. 

I always get a chuckle when I read some teabagger expressing some opinion about the "leaches" on society. How christian of them.  :)

Anyway, as a freelance artist I realized long ago that I only had so much energy and had to make choices: career or other stuff like kids. Can't do it all, no matter what people would like to think.


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