A look at the religiosity of American States according to a recent Gallup Poll.

Russia and the rise of the Christian Right.

Does religion have a place in public schools?

Atheism and Black History Month 2017.


Some more Christians are convicted for beating children to death.

In Australia, more than 20% of some Catholic religious cults were allegedly involved in the sexual abuse of young children.

ISIS supports the “Blessed Muslim Ban”.

President Bannon is already at war. What must the Cuddly One or even Darth Vader think about that?

I admire politicians like Ahok from Indonesia.

This weeks’ Woo: The dangers of fake data.

Climate Change: Solving the Anthropocene equation.

Science is for everyone, writes Adam Lee.

Why do atheists believe what they believe?

Does the Contact Hypothesis offer hope for the World?

Hubble finds galaxies that gave the Universe its first light.

It just is, that I am sitting here contemplating life without a Demiurge. I just am. What if I was determined to carry out a Cosmic Bell test to make it all seem less spooky. I think that I am free to think freely about how weird it is. Maybe more sleep would help?

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

Coffee Break Video: Hans Rosling died this week. Remember his Magic Washing Machine or Global population growth, box by box? It is all too easy to put people in boxes though. I love hearing young people speak like this.

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Have a great week everyone!

To understand via the heart is not to understand.

-Michel de Montaigne.

Thanks, Reg!

RE:A look at the religiosity of American States

The big metro areas populated with former Northerners save Florida from ranking with the rest of the deep South. Leave those areas and well, Jesus rules.

I went out for a run last November in northern Florida. It was overcast and very humid and after a few miles I went into a gas station to ask for a drink of water. I was begrudgingly “allowed” some. It was as if I was doing the guy that worked there out of money. He had such a scowl on his face I could only smile at him which made him glare even more at me. I noticed he was wearing a “Jesus is the Way” tee-shirt. I said to him “God bless and as Matthew 10:42 says, you will not lose your reward”. 

I must get a “Jesus is in the Way” tee-shirt printed for the next time.

Reg, try that in an inner city.... I don't really think you would get much farther with enlightened folks

I often wear a t-shirt that reads "I openly blaspheme all gods except yours". I am unconcerned about the feelings of anyone that decides to take offence to it.

Even that would largely vary on north vs south FL. (Even the soil color is redder near GA.)

True, but I only go there for the color of the sandy beach!

A look at the religiosity of American States

What i have seen more of as of late is believers that shun religion.  I have a friend whom loves anti organized religion this or that but "believes in his own way" and is "spiritual", but quick to say he is not religious.

But, do not ever accuse him of being atheist.... He is New York Minute quick, I mean quick, to tell you there is a god and I am going to hell or some other equally bad place for my lack of belief.

Yes, even Jehovah Witnesses have been at pains to tell me that not only do they not belong to a religion but that they are in no way religious at any level. It is just that they all have a personal relationship with Jesus. They have no problem telling me that my atheism is a religion or a belief system because it is an “ism”.

Re: Why do atheists believe what they believe? Apparently it's just due to a breakdown of the family, and desire not to be restricted by Judeo-Christian morality. Yet the author complains of stereotypical explanations for theism by the New Atheists. Funny. Has anyone checked her work out further?

Hi Michael. Her understanding of how “new atheists” discuss “Why do people believe in God?” is poor. It is almost like she has never read any of their books. She states that they give stereotypical answers to that question is a good indicator of this. It shows an intellectual naivety common to many apologists who try to hide their Christian bias. She also does not appear to properly understand the term “Secularism” which is inclusive of all religions (and none).

I regularly have articles by apologists or people who use typically misunderstood arguments against atheism to help atheists understand how to argue against the weaknesses of those arguments.


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