Reason is the slave of the passions. This and other ideas about morality get discussed in this well written article.

On the English coast Human footprints have been discovered that are over 900,000 years old.

The James Webb Space Telescope takes delivery of its mirrors and is on track for its launch in 2018.

Pluripotent stem cells are words that we will hear used very often in the near future. The implications of the technique are immense and could change everything.

Steven Novella takes on the controversial topic of Genetic Modification in what he (rightly) terms “an excellent topic for skeptics”.

My weekly rant against some form of Homeopathy. How easy is it to make and sell Snake Oil under the umbrella of Naturopathic Residency?

The end is Nye for Creationism if it has no scientific support.  This excellent article explains what Science is and how Science works. It then asks if either Intelligent Design or Scientific Creationism is supported by science.

A new Gallup poll says that there are now 1.7% fewer non-religious in America than last year??? A look at the impact of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 on religious trends over the last 50 years.

What life is like for Atheists in Iraq.

GQ magazine looks at the homophobia in Russia which is endorsed by the Kremlin and fully supported by the Christian Church.

The next Women in Secularism conference is this May.

Bill Nye told the Hamster that the Bible does not tell the true history of the Earth. Now the domesticated camel has its say. More direct proof that the Bible was compiled after the events it describes.

Bill Maher shocks some Christians who did not know their God was a psychopathic mass murderer.

Coffee Break Video: Making Science fun for students. Bill Nye vs Ken Ham here on T/A

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RE: Hmmm maybe I'll go this year... :)
........Human skin cells have been turned into stem cells which have the potential to develop into fully-formed embryos, simply by bathing them in weak citric acid for half an hour......

WOW!!!! THAT is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh just think of the possibilities!!!!!!
Thanks for the homeopathic article on asthma Reg....I had been thinking of trying out a few with my son since he has asthma and I hate having to give him inhalers all the I have a different perspective.

I was thinking today about why people believe the hype about Homeopathy and all the forms of quackery it encompasses. I blame religion for it. Religion is the first type of “magical thinking” that children encounter. The indoctrination usually continues during their formative years when they should be learning critical thinking skills and learning about reason and logic. So a combination of faith based magical thinking and poor critical thinking abilities leads them to believe that there must be something to it. People to whom it is “obvious” that there must be a god are just as likely to take it for granted that there must be something to “alternative” medicines

Religion is not compatible with Science. (No, it is not). However when it usurps Science, as Ken Ham does, it creates a confused idea of what Science is and allows many theists to take things for granted and without any critical considerations for what they are being told. So when you already have a confused idea of what Science is and believe in miracles, it is easy to accept other things without question. It is easy to believe the hype when you don’t know how to dissect what you are being told.

The same goes for assuming at least some ghost sightings must be true or some of the UFO’s must be alien. So if we had classes in critical thinking instead of religious instruction (i.e. indoctrination), then people would know that ghosts don’t exist and homeopathy is not just 100% useless but in fact dangerous.

Feb 12th is Darwin Day, to promote and celebrate Science and Reason.


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