Sam Harris has an article by Dan Dennett on Free Will. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to read it.

Stephen Hawking does some “weather forecasting of Black Holes” as he proposes that the Event Horizon of classic theory is not that of Quantum Theory and that energy can escape at the “Apparent Horizon”.

Could Neanderthals be responsible for giving us certain disease genes? Who is Patient Zero?

The Conversation has an interesting article on the differences between Science and pseudoscience with some links to explanations on what knowledge is and what a Scientific Theory is. It is written by a lecturer in “Critical Thinking”. If only it was covered in the junior school cycle! Then take this Quiz.

American Secular Census: You can complete a survey about discrimination against Atheists if you register here.  What would Ahmed Rajib Haider have written? Would he have been given sanctuary in Pakistan?

Malala Yousafzai, also from Pakistan, is to be honoured with the Anne Frank Award for moral courage at a ceremony in London this Thursday. The Taliban thugs that shot her for wanting to be educated will never know anything about moral courage. Yesterday I had her name in Pashtu tattooed on my arm. Not from Jesus Tattoo though.

The Ham on Nye debate can be watched online for free next Tuesday.

Do you think you are immortal?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No......It’s Super Pope!! His first quest will be to do battle with these baddies.

Enjoy the Super Bowl (Go Hawks Go!!). Don’t know if this team will ever make it there.

Finally we can stop asking theists for evidence for Jesus. It has all been collected and documented with 47 photographs. There can be no more doubt about it.

Coffee Break Video: A new way of looking at online education: MOOC’s from the “new” TED Talks.

If you have time (90 minutes) here is a new video on Atheism in America from a Social Science perspective. If not bookmark it for later.

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Speaking of tattoos.....this guy is either crazy or brilliant!!
I found the neanderthal DNA very interesting. Weren't neanderthals very tall? My mom's side of the family is all extremely tall, and one of my cousins has Chrohn's's not my biological family, but all the men are over 6 feet. One of my uncles is 6'8"!!! The article left me with lots of curiosity about my own genes.

I don’t really agree with the article. I think any similar DNA sequences we may share were inherited by both Neanderthals and Homo sapiens from a shared ancestry with an earlier form of human, maybe Homo heidelbergensis. I don’t think we interbred with Neanderthals……even though Ken Ham’s knuckles do rub along the sidewalk as he walks by…

I didn't realize zombie Jesus has been photographed so many times!

If you have time (90 minutes) here is a new video on Atheism in America from a Social Science perspective. If not bookmark it for later.

Interesting. This one may be worth a discussion post of its own. Thanks for posting these each week Reg.


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