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I have been following an interesting series about the philosopher Bertrand Russell whose essay Why I am not a Christian has been regarded as one of the most influential books of the last century. So if you are interested first read his essay and then these articles; Part 1 the Philosopher, Part 2 Science and Religion, Part 3 Is Religion based on fear?

The Legion of Mary has had its Galway University society shut down over posting homophobic leaflets. Some are calling this move to be a form of censorship.

In Vancouver it could be called pre-emptive censorship against Atheist posters going up in the city. At the same time Times Square is in festive mood without Jesus.

 In Spain a priest is arrested for stealing Catholic Church funds raised by its sheep that came to see the Monkey Jesus.

Oh ye of little reason as the season gets into full swing in Florida “We are not trying to offend anyone, but we are taking a stand for Christ in Christmas, a stand for truth and religious freedom and what better place to do this than the heart of our state government”.

A little Dutch courage is needed in the Netherlands. I feel the urge to blaspheme…..

In England members of the Muslim Patrol are jailed for intimidation of locals. Maybe if they went to Saudi Arabia a few hugs would soften them up.

Read the shocking true life story of how a democratic Atheist had her relationship broken up when she met Jesus!! “It was just sort of like God sort of invading my life” and not my “misfiring synapses” she reported.

The “Hexagon Hurricane” on Saturn as viewed by Cassini.

Space exploration could help develop sustainable agriculture production on Earth.          

Hubble finds hints water on 5 planets.  

Who is Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar? I am sure we will hear more from him. Amel Grami talks about defeating fundamentalism in Tunisia.

The world is close to eradicating polio for good. However Islamic Law is making it more difficult to cross the winning line. Pentecostal preachers in Africa are not much better as they ask people to pray away HIV instead of taking drugs.

The Clergy Project was setup by Dan Dennett and Linda LaScola for religious leaders that no longer believe in the supernatural. Now they have published a book documenting what they have discovered called Caught in the Pulpit.

A Skeptic meets an Astrologer in Cosmopolitan article. Ahem…thanks to the modern woman that pointed this article out to me….:-)

The Church and State are often not that separate.

Coffee break video: Evolution and Spirituality….do we mean Transcendence?

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Regarding the Dennett and LaScola new book "Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving belief behind" and

It is based on a study sponsored by Tufts Universtiy that started in 2008.  The Clergy Project, mentioned above, is something different.   It was started in 2011 and is a private website for non-believing clergy.  Dan and I (Linda LaScola) were 2 of several co-founders  of that group who are not members of it, because we have never been clergy.

Confusing the two entities is a common error, which Dan and I are trying to straighen out.  We hope that you like the book and suport the Clergy Project   

Thanks Linda for the clarification....I mentioned it a few years ago to a Catholic priest who is now an ex-priest and full blown Atheist. I always thought the project was a good idea. If anyone intends to buy the book please do so from the TA bookstore.

sounds good to me.

Hi Kallizm - a link to which specific one?

She was good enough herself to create the link that I had overlooked.

Speaking of Transcendence

Thanks for Sunday School!


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