Here are 100 things we found out during 2013.

Atheists stop Christmas from being ruined by Christians.

I liked the opinion of this writer in an article on “Sunday Assembly”, the so called Atheist mega-church. The most interesting thing about it is that its rapid growth shows the world that Atheism is no longer hidden in the shadows. I wonder though what would happen if they tried to open one in any of these countries?

Allah says: “Let there be no compulsion in religion”, but this Saudi Arabian blogger may face the death penalty for apostasy.

In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is declared a terrorist organisation, by the opposition.

The people that brought Conservapedia to the world have decided to rewrite the Bible because it is just too liberal.

Muslim staff working for a supermarket chain can refuse to sell alcohol and pork to customers. However the story changes the following day.

What a load of angelology from a Catholic Church demonologist.

NY State Senator Lanza no longer thinks that Atheists are hateful and malicious. I forgive him.

Is this ex-boxer punch drunk? At least the silly season is almost over.

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about books.

Tim Berners-Lee challenges the BBC to allow an Atheist to present on the “Thought for the Day” slot.

In Canada, children from a Jewish sect may be taken into care because of serious neglect.

According to this article serious money is being spent to deny Climate Change.

Some thoughts on the development of the human brain.

These pigs glow in the dark……..!

Another fossil discovery closes a gap in our evolutionary past.

Jerry Coyne pulls no punches in this article on religiosity and secularism in America.

The Guardian says religious rights must move aside to allow Human Rights to flourish.

Coffee Break: Diana Nyad Never give up.

Thanks to everyone who sent me links and suggestions over the last few months. Keep them coming and I will adapt the post to reflect them. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!

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The article by Jerry Coyne is a good example on how to dismantle an argument.

On the article about the Baptists ruining xmas.....
RE: “The Christians turned my baby and I away, and a group of atheists showed us compassion, kindness, and charity,” she said. “They brought us toys, dinner, gift cards, donated money and really saved our holiday.”

.......It seems like this got out because of facebook. THE BEST way to get attention and action nowdays (which is sad) is to blast them on facebook. Why do I feel like had they not publically dragged this horrible action into public light and simply wrote a letter to the church they would not have heard a word of apology. It's pathetic that the church cares more about its repuatation, not people, and tries to smooth it over with eleuding Bible verses and a flowery apology that means nothing. Too little too late. I am appauled.
RE 3. It's easier to pick wet things up with wrinkled fingers - suggesting an evolutionary reason for getting "prune fingers" in the bath.

That is cool....

Mc Donalds won't serve people on horseback? Not even police? That would be an awkward conversation!

That 100 article has a LOT of very interesting stuff on it!!!

Great job at Sunday School as always Reg. I am slower to read it this week but you always do such a great job. I'm at a loss as to why more people don't comment. I appreciate the time you put into this for us every week.

That 100 article was pretty interesting. An all twin military unit in Russia? Americans say "jiff" and Brits say "giff" for .gif images? Who'd have known?

Thanks for your support Belle Rose. I know many more people read it than comment on it, which is ok. If anyone has any suggestions as to which topics are preferred please let me know. I tend to be biased towards "Atheism" news but I will broaden it out into different headings like Evolution, Cosmology and Science.

Does anyone watch the Coffee Break videos?.....I try to pick different topics each week.

I personally love the coffee breaks! Don't take them away! I just have to do so at the library.....but I read the articles. I know other people do too. Just sayin' you do an excellent job for us every week. Thank you.


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