The Creation Museum will allow under 12’s free entry for the whole of 2014.  It says on the page that they must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Does that mean no one will turn up? Only those that hate the pagan religion of evolution will!

However teaching nonsense to children is not on the agenda with the Irish “Educate Together” system. It is now opening a school in England where its’ Atheist curriculum will be included. I cannot explain how happy I am to see this becoming the norm in the junior school cycle. If you only read the last paragraph of the article you will know why. Maybe this school in Seattle should read it too. I suppose they take their lead from Catholics like this one who was not voted man of the year so it is to be expected.

Some people in New Mexico are not happy that everyone has been granted equality with their Human Rights. Maybe they should move to Uganda.

I am not too sure about Atheists longing to believe in a god but why the fawning over this “progressive” Pope? No thanks, we don’t need or desire redemption. We are more concerned with the assumption of Christian privileges against minorities.

The new atheist “church” or Sunday Assembly has seen its numbers rise dramatically around the world in 2013. I don’t think this Rep. Senator will be in attendance this Christmas. Pew Research has an article on how we have changed the way Christmas is celebrated (or not) over the years. Is it better to give than to receive? What would bigots do?

Students in London get an apology for exercising their Human Right to Free Speech. Now I know what T-shirt I want this Christmas!

Why we Atheists cannot be good as explained by this article on “objective morality”.

Gaia, a new space telescope has been successfully launched. It will build up a 3D image of our Solar System and measure the precise distances to some of the billions of stars within it. Here are a few Science pics from 2013.

Religion in American States and Counties (6 Maps)

The Flying Spaghetti Monster (praised be His Sauce) gets His own display. Linked from there is The Graveyard of the Gods. It is nearly full.

10 presents not to buy this Christmas…well at least according to advice from my astrologer.

Internet censorship goes dark.

Remembering Carl Sagan who passed away 17 years ago this week. “Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others?”

 Coffee Break: As it is Christmas would anyone like to play a game of Monopoly?

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RE: Some people in New Mexico are not happy that everyone has been granted equality with their Human Rights. Maybe they should move to Uganda.

That made me laugh so hard!
It may be my phone, but I thoink the "pagan religion" link is broken
That "leave your secularism at the door" article is all too familiar. I remember hearing that on Christian radio.

I do agree with one thing though. I don't see a sense in splitting hairs over "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" just my opinion.

Just added a new link about Religion in America with 6 maps.


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