Australian census shows a rise in those that tick the “none” box. However is the Church of England “one generation away from extinction”? Hard Evidence takes a look.

On the other hand the Church of England has just elected its first female bishop….here in Ireland!

More victims of clerical abuse have asked the Vatican to setup a trust fund for over $50 million.

We all know the “mainstream” cults but little is known of the Jewish Hasidic sect and what can happen when you leave it.

What were you grateful for this Thanksgiving Day? This turkey thinks gay people are attempting to ruin its Christian meaning ever since he stumbled upon a homosexual website article!

This is a debate between Richard Carrier and apologist David Marshall plus a reaction to it from Arizona Atheist.

Beware of Greeks not bearing gifts of cheaper generic drug prices with bad science rhetoric.

American Atheists launch six billboards suggesting that real help is better than prayer or Bible donations when it comes to disaster relief. Do the religious give more to charity?

The Pope tells his flock that the spirit of curiosity distances a person from having the spirit of wisdom. Reminds me of that story about not eating apples.

Putin drops by to see the Pope. I don’t suppose they will be discussing gay rights in Russia though. With all this talk about the Pope I nearly forgot his god does not exist. It is all a work of fiction according to Costco!!

Atheists challenge the IRS over the tax exemption status of religious organisations.

The Muslim Times lays down a challenge to Dawkins. This is what happens when Theists “use” Science to explain their god.

Jesus is Risen.

Coffee break video: This week it is about an hour long and covers Quantum Theory…in an easy and humorous manner.

Apologies but not too much science or cosmology this week due to time constraints. Please feel free to email me anything you think should be included.

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same here! I would like a word with the artist, I like his thinking

He's well hung. And crucified too.

How do I do it? Why I blaspheme all the time!!. Thanks for your kind words. BTW if you are ever in a bookshop and wonder why copies of "God is not Great" or "The God Delusion" are in the religion section then maybe I was there earlier....:-)

Great collection Greg! Thanks for the reading!

Thanks Cesar.

Thanks Reg as always for a great collection

You are most welcome Onyango. Thanks.

Who has enough time and energy to devote a whole website to being against homosexuality? Just the existence of the site says a lot.

Not just the Hassidim but also those supposedly peaceful Amish:

Amish Gangs Whip Up Terror

Wow Reg! Always bro( as we would say in South Africa)

I hope it's "die antwoord"  :-)

Is jy van Suid Afrika, Reg? of het jy by Suid Afrika bestuur? ( My Afrikaans is not good)


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