Today is the second anniversary of the passing of Christopher Hitchens.

Some journalists will never walk in his shoes. There are too many hacks at work. Others still consider a lack of belief in their god to be a religion. At least Faux News even has a Christmas gift for us Atheists from none other than the finely tuned and objectively moral William Lane Craig and his 5 reasons why God exists. If only there was somebody to save us from those angry Atheists, especially from those Jewish Atheists with cool license plates.

Those license plates are not that easy to get…..

Poland rules to keep an idol of dead Jesus hanging in the court room. His agent on this planet has become Time Magazine Person of the Year, beating Bashar Assad into fourth place. He has given orders (the Pope, not the dictator) to setup a commission to deal with a litany of human rights abuses against defenceless children carried out over decades around the world. I heard a Catholic say recently that his second car is a sign of his fight against poverty because it is really old.

British court decides Scientology is a religion.

While Bill Nye was writing to President Obama asking for better funding for planetary exploration China landed a rover on the moon.

Curiosity is still busy exploring Mars. Over 200,000 have applied to go there to see the Red Planet for themselves. The European Space Agency has a Juicy story. Cassini has been busy too over Saturn.

String Theory and Quantum Theory make similar predictions that the Universe is a Hologram. What about Rainbow Gravity though?

25 Top Science stories of the year. We are all just a collection of microbes………

In his new book Michael Shermer asks Is God Dying?

Failed psychic predictions of the year.

The Happy Gilmores are Atheists and raise their family of seven as Freethinkers.

Christians are no longer the majority in New Zealand……guess which group is.

Segregation and Censorship must not be tolerated on Campus. I could hear Hitchens voice when I read it… know that way he had of sounding like he was just speaking to you? Keep thinking dangerous ideas.

Coffee Break Videos: Hitchens on Free Speech and a few campfire stories on Ubuntu.

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RE: Today is the second anniversary of the passing of Christopher Hitchens.

REALLY? How did I not know that?

"The only position that leaves me with no cognitive dissonance is atheism. It is not a creed. Death is certain, replacing both the siren-song of Paradise and the dread of Hell. Life on this earth, with all its mystery and beauty and pain, is then to be lived far more intensely: we stumble and get up, we are sad, confident, insecure, feel loneliness and joy and love. There is nothing more; but I want nothing more." Hitchens.

RE the Sean McElwee article, he quotes, "But abolishing religion is not only unfeasible, it would ultimately leave us no closer to truth, love or peace. Rather, we need to embrace the deep philosophical and spiritual questions that arise from our shared existence and work toward a world without deprivation. That will require empathy and multiculturalism, not demagoguery."

That that not a mouthfull of contradiction? Wouldn't working toward a world without deprivation bring us closer to truth love and peace? His own words put his own foot in his mouth and it's almost laughable.
RE: MERS, H7N9 join list of potential pandemics....

Things like that are so fucking scary when you have a kid! Especially a kid that does to daycare!!!!!!!! Ahh!!
WTF is a Jewish Atheist!?! LOL!!!!!! I seriously WANT one of those license metallic purple :)

Be very entertaining if Sarah Palin would agree to a formal debate against David Silverman: The topic should be "Christmas and the Constitution".

The "Happy Gilmores" article is awesome!!! I SO want to adopt a bunch of kids like that! Especially older kids and/or sibling groups that typically would have been separated. It's inspiring to see considering that (it seems) a lot of Atheists are so against having kids/family.
I am waiting for the day that physics meets psychology to reveal the untapped potential of our own brains.

Hi Belle have had a productive Sunday morning. Thanks.

I am insulted that we have thousands of freethinkers on this website and so few people raise their hands in Sunday School. Especially with such an amazing Sunday School teacher! The time that goes into Sunday School is not trivial and there's so much potential for deep discussion here.....and yet I feel like I'm talking to myself. HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!


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