I am aware that the first few stories today are not very uplifting so make you coffee strong.

The history of religious belief is a history of violence.

How many more one ton bombs will be dropped asks Israeli columnist Ben Caspit?

In Gaza, Hamas takes care of its own citizens. In Shujaija, tales of Israeli massacres surface.

A former marine discusses US intervention policy.

A Muslim discusses Saudi Arabia for Sunni Salafism and the Islamic State.

Meanwhile in the Catholic State, Cardinal Pell displays how much compassion and understanding that their Church has developed for their own crimes against humanity.

A Christian cult in China with over one million followers is as bad as cults anywhere else. Maybe a visit by Pope Cuddles will sort it out.

Saudi Arabia spreads it message of Islamic tolerance and moderation by arresting Atheists.

Journalists in the US are worried that barriers to public information as being imposed on them.

Congress creates a new job position for a Special Envoy for religious freedom.

Ferguson, Missouri is not a unique place when it comes to poverty and alienation.

Oklahoma Archbishop takes a lawsuit against Satanists but his case is wafer thin.  

Update: the magic biscuit has been returned and the lawsuit is dropped.

Could fecal bacteria be responsible for the spread of religion? (Sorry couldn’t help myself!)

Two short videos from Ireland on LGBT rights.

Microbial life in extreme environments.

A quick look at homeopathy.

Man in top hospital and given the best that medicine can offer is cured by his god.

London hosts a Secular Conference this October.

Ten things we did not know last week. Some pictures taken this week.

Coffee Break Video: A new video with Lawrence Krauss on Science and Religion. Atheism is growing rapidly in the Islamic world – a very good discussion.


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From the 10 things:
7. Italy has a national law permitting hunting with bow and arrow.

.....so does NM ;)

Thanks for a great Sunday school as always Reg :) we appreciate you taking the time to do this for TA
RE: Could fecal bacteria be responsible for the spread of religion? (Sorry couldn’t help myself!)

Reg!!! How gross!!! Is that for real? Or is that a parody article??? I think I lost my appetite for the morning. Ew!

Religion certainly warps peoples minds......

What the hell! That is sick. Sick sick.


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