Faux News and its “War on Atheism” is based on the irrational fears of its audience.

Here is a story about the violation of the Establishment Clause in Georgia and here is how Faux News covered it.  

You can guess how they would cover this story of religious discrimination in Florida and they would agree with this one about endorsing a day of prayer in schools but disagree with the removal of bibles from Navy guest rooms.

Some “reality based” charts you won’t see on Faux.

How conservative “family values” change when they conflict with the interests of men and are these Christian values formed when the Bible is your main source of sex education?

The FFRF has reached an agreement with the IRS to review the tax exemption status of churches that endorse a particular politician.  

A Gallup poll on the LGBT population and religiosity.

GOP senators actively seek legal exemptions to allow faith based adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples while in Kenya a “stone the gays” law is proposed.

Rumours circulate in the Middle East that Hilary Clinton admitted that the US is behind the creation of the Islamic State.

Dan Dennett on what new brain science means for freewill.

Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan on making sense of Gaza.

The EPA and anti-environmentalists on the Clean Power Plan.

The Catholic Church pays out $20 million for the sexual abuse of defenceless children.

Richard Dawkins on how “nice theists” empower the extremists.

It is not easy to collect space dust from beyond our solar system.

Ten things we did not know last week. Some pictures taken this week.

I stumbled upon this curious site during the week and a few hours vanished.

Coffee Break Video: STAND UP and get involved in a great adventure - A vision for a Secular America with Sean Faircloth.

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Great Sunday School Reg!

What are we going to do with Faux News??....lol.........we let them stay in business why?

I have been monitoring atheist related news stories for a few years now and it seems to me that there are little victories being won against the established (entrenched) religions right across America. The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) and local Atheist groups having been successfully taking suits against breaches of the Establishment Clause and any religious encroachments into the secular world.

They have helped to point out that many “traditions” are really “religious traditions”. The ten commandments outside a courthouse are not there for historical reasons as the theists claim but are there for “historical religious” reasons. Legal suits to remove “traditional” prayers from civic meetings and schools or demands to define marriage within the law with religious terminology being disallowed are becoming standard procedure.

The secular world has had enough of religious intrusion and has become organised (the Internet kills religion) and we are fighting back. The religionists have had it their own way for long enough. At the moment they see it as the “rise of new atheism” and think we are out to take away their toys. That is not the case. A secular world will guarantee them the rights to believe whatever they want to believe but they must keep it to themselves. We don’t want to hear them anymore. They might be well organised and have well financed lobby groups supporting them but that won’t keep them in their powerful positions forever. They are not getting the same number of young minds recruited to their ranks and atheists are now too well organised to be dismissed.

So the faux news bandwagon can rant all it wants. It is becoming a parody of itself. It only appeals to base emotions and irrational fears that are enflamed by the lobby groups that finance them. Education and secular law will win in the end. Then they will realise they had nothing to worry about and we won’t have them dictating that we must abide by their religious ethos…..which is below par and just not a strong enough ethical code for us atheists to live by. We past them by years ago and they are still trying to hold us back.

Now have a coffee and watch the video on Secular America :-)

LOL!!!! Well said Reg ;)

Let's wait and see how this amendment to the law plays out. That party doesn't have a single elected official anywhere and I don't know how he could get such wide coverage with his hate filled news

It is good to hear that they are not in power but the article does not give that impression. I suppose it is just a ploy to get attention.  Thanks Onyango for the clarification.

The guy who appears on the front page have no representatives in the house. The problem however is there are those in parliament who support the bill and it is easy to get the masses here to support it too.

DAMN!!! I never thought I would ever want to go to Iowa so badly!!! I wonder if we could get a pack of think atheist'ers together and get a group discount on hotels. Let's do it! I love it!!! Thanks for the video Reg!!! Wanna come to Iowa? What the hell is in Iowa anyway? Doesn't matter. I'm all for what they are doing there...

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!

(That video got me all riled up, lol)

Hang on to that feeling ;-)

I'm in Iowa. Come visit!

Oh Yah!!! That's awesome!....Maybe I will some time ;)

Interesting little piece on the Stag Hunt in futilitycloset.  It's thought that Stag Hunt situations were one of the crucibles of human morality:  having to rely on other people in order to find food; making joint intentions and commitments and cooperating with others.  We helped each other because we needed each other. 


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