What happens to your brain when you stop believing in a God?

His Fluffiness has dismissed yet another priest, this time for stealing hospital funds.

Texan men may soon have to come to grips with a new law on emissions testing. Do they still think of poster girl Kim Davis as they hold on to their sincerely held religious beliefs?

Sometimes, when nobody is looking, I like to read the theological gymnastics of apologetics. I will ask the next one I meet if he can tell me why violence in the Bible is more than twice that of the Quran.

The most common Logical Fallacies and 30 ways to lose an argument. It will help to get better at spotting fake and false news too.

Atheism in Africa.

This weeks’ Woo: The anti-vax movement is killing more babies.

Climate Change: Yes, it has changed.

The philosopher Hegel said that the study of Philosophy was the introduction to Philosophy. Would he recommend a similar understanding for the Information Age or see technological progress differently? All these considerations happen within the human brain, a biological masterpiece and that is the truth, unless consciousness is just an illusion.

The Unholy Trinity of torture, rendition and indefinite detention under Trump.

How to hunt for a black hole with a telescope the size of Earth.

Looking at Evolution as Survival of the friendliest.

Hey Shaq! Here is how to figure out the Earth is round for yourself.

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

Coffee Break Video: Let’s attack some more ideas. From TED, a visual history of human knowledge.

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Have a great week everyone! Enjoy your Easter Eggs.

In dark ages people are best guided by religion, as in a pitch-black night a blind man is the best guide; he knows the roads and paths better than a man who can see. When daylight comes, however, it is foolish to use blind old men as guides.


Form Chapter 4, God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens.

Thank you, Reg!

Nice compilation, Reg.  Thanks for keeping us informed and engaged.

First time in my life I've looked forward to Sunday School.  Love it!

Thank you Reg! What happens to our brains article was pretty eye opening. I still find myself struggling between two worlds. I can honestly say I still don't know what I believe.

Hi Belle - do you know what you don't believe? It could be a good place to start out from. It would give you a different perspective. The best thing about this Sunday School is you get to set your own exam questions :-)

If I don't know what I believe then I also don't know what I don't believe either. Lol...

 I recently told a friend I am an atheist. Probably a mistake. Every time he sees me he has to say something about it now.

We still align, segregate, fight and die over beliefs. It shows a real flaw in our brain.

@Robert – it is one thing to tell someone you don’t believe in gods but it is another thing to tell them you are an atheist!!

When someone “comes out” as an atheist it can be disconcerting to their family and friends. You probably shared the same religious beliefs as your friend. You have inadvertently got him to challenge his own beliefs. He knows you well enough to be compelled to try to work out why you no longer believe (or have “rejected God”). He must consider, given your shared experiences, that you may be correct. If that is the case then it will create doubt in his mind. Your atheism and statements about it are based upon reason but if he is going through his own period of doubt (thanks to you!!) he will be dealing with things on a more emotional level.

Doubt is the start of the de-conversion process. It can lead to frustration because you (a generic “you”) have to question your own faith while at the same time maintain that it is all true. You have to consider that God is listening to you question His very existence. This is where the idea of “atheists lacking humility” comes from. It can be a scary place to be. Do I dare risk my eternal soul? If you have always been told that doubt is bad (what Aquinas called the “sin of unbelief”) then it is tempting to not think about it. People raised with a strict religious childhood often can’t even consider it properly because they have poor critical thinking skills.

 If it is not true then you have to deal with the reality that it was all make believe. This is the good thing about doubt. When it comes to beliefs there is no such thing as “a little doubt”. Doubt brings one much closer to atheism once the seed is planted. Doubt is not only the start of the process but it bring you way over the half way line. The only thing that stops people continuing is fear and further indoctrination, usually from a religious authority in your life that preys (prays?) upon the fear.

I often hear of blazing rows in families over newly announced atheism. There are members here on TA whose families have basically rejected them (as Christians often do) and no longer speak with them. I admire people who moved from belief to atheism because I understand the process they go through to be able to say to themselves and to the world “I am an atheist. I do not believe what others believe. I am not denying anything about their faith, I just do not believe it is true”. Atheism is a more mature position to hold.

It is good to dare to disturb your own Universe, challenge all your own beliefs, even throw them all out every few years and start over. Why not?

How does one steal from god? And I mean the rainbow is simple physics. Where do these people come from

Apparently we share common ancestry with them but we could be in the process of diverging at the moment :-)


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