Happy National Atheist Day 2017!!

The problem with modern Islam, especially Wahhabism, is that its self-appointed guardians demand reverence where once they encouraged cross-examination. That was its strength but now it is a weak bully.  It’s enough to make a Whirling Dervish dizzy.

The truth about religious fundamentalism in Muslim countries is that it is savage and unyielding as they campaign for a global plan against blasphemy and to then take it to the UN Human Rights Council which Nikki Haley considers to be “so corrupt”. I wonder what made her say that.

Why Madalyn Murray O’Hair was not a neighbor that Christians cared to love. I don’t think Sarah Haider can expect any better treatment from the religion of peace.

Vice President Mike Pious respects women so much he won’t dine with them.

Atheist invocations are planned at Iowa statehouse.

A high school student in Oklahoma does not want BS taught in school. I don’t think he will ever be going to the Glenn Beck summer school.

Going insane in the Bible belt from listening to deluded Christians all day long? Why not find a good therapist to help?

This weeks’ Woo: The paleo diet is half baked.

Climate Change: Putin looks forward to the Arctic ice melting.

Religion is just a virtual reality game while it takes some nerve to be a Dualist. What would Elon Musk make of it all?

Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. Could a new quantum theory of gravity replace General Relativity? Maybe the quest for unity is not something Physics is cut out to do?

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

Coffee Break Video: Some atheists say it like it is. I would love to get arrested in the Jurassic Lark.

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Have a great week everyone!

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it.

 - Terry Pratchett.

Thank you Reg!!!!!

What is Truth anyway lol....

My new phrase is that "Religion is just a virtual reality game". It may appear real when you are involved in it but it is just a subjective experience......oh, I fell for that, didn't I :-)

Hahahahahahaha yes you did ;)

Have a great week too

Thanks, Reg!

You are most welcome Strega.

The article on Sarah Haider, ex-muslim is interesting,  This article by Ayaan Hirsi Ali makes a good companion piece. 

Thanks Simon.

I hadn't realized they had a "National Atheists' Day".  Which Nation?

As to 'Jihadism", well, it was a non-Muslim German guy that invented the dang stuff:  that is, the idea of global Jihad.  "Weaponized religion"--any religion can do it.

The unlikely prophet of the jihad was German aristocrat, adventurer and diplomat Max von Oppenheim. The 54-year-old had returned to the Heimat after 20 years of travel and study in the Orient and, before Britain had even declared war on Germany, had convinced the Kaiser that Islam was Germany’s secret weapon. Oppenheim believed that a well-orchestrated propaganda campaign would stir up a mass Muslim uprising against Britain and France from within colonial territories such as India, Indo-China and north and west Africa.


I used to work close to the Finsbury Park Mosque in London. I first heard the word “Jihad” the morning after “Desert Shield” began in 1990. The walls around the University I worked in had been covered in graffiti and demonstrators were waving flags and had placards with the word written on them.

Sometime years later I was in a hotel in Tunisia. It was during Ramadan so as there was not much to do. I started learning Arabic from the hotel staff in return for me teaching them English. One of them explained to me that Jihad was really only about an individual Muslims' spiritual journey to become holy and free from sin. Some years later a local man on his own violent Jihad killed 38 tourists in that same hotel.


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