A survey on the confidence people have in scientific statements. How to be a genuine scientific sceptic – “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?”

A Reverend has something to say about his favorite Atheist. Maybe he should join Faux News for its unbiased opinions.

It appears that Britain was founded on Christian principles and Atheists should be tolerant of that even if they are angry about it (are they??). The Archbishop of Canterbury holds a different view.

Pray tell, but was Shakespeare an Atheist?

British tourist arrested in Sri Lanka for her Buddha tattoo. What if an Atheist in Canada had a Dawkins tattoo?

Does belief in Free Will make us better people?

The World Health Organisation hits back at vaccine deniers.

Is Secularism the right system for Egypt?

A support group for alien “contactees” has been setup in England. Please E.T., just take them away!

There is no cotton picking way Republicans are racists?

Maybe we are just “biochemical puppets” asks this interesting article.

Does the saint maker, Pope Cuddles wonder what this dead pope is saying to this dead priest?

In Uganda several Christian churches praised the courage of their President for the anti-gay laws. The American Family Association claims LGBT persons are destroying the job prospects of Christians.

DNA, the smart molecule.

The social life of Ravens.

Capital, income inequality and wealth distribution in the 21st century. Thomas Piketty book review.

Ten things we did not know last week.

Coffee Break Video:

Journalism and how to cover religion and religious freedom around the world.

Does Free Will exist? It’s up to you to click on the link :-)



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Very good links on free will!!!

Thanks all. I knew you would click the Free Will link I was unsure of posting :-)


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