It is Christopher Hitchens birthday today.

Pope Cuddles is asking for forgiveness for the crimes against humanity committed by his clergy. I hope that leaves him time to deal with the problems at the Vatican Bank. Does he hope we forget about Rwanda?

Women in the Philippines win a court case against the Catholic Church on contraception.

Christian homophobia at its worst can lead to mass murder.

Christian adoption agencies and discrimination against Atheists.

A PEW report on religious diversity around the world.

Secular Sunday meetings are still on the increase. Some humble theists are worried about secular fundamentalists

The expansion of the Universe has been caught on speed camera!

It’s a busy month as Earth gets both a lunar and a solar eclipse.

Massive asteroids could have started the process of continental drift.

It’s a dog life for some as the first pet is cloned.  Soon we will have “digital embryos” by matching our DNA with a potential partner. In the near future Science will heal amputees.

Our awareness of our mortality makes us value life more.

Not all Atheists are terrorists in Saudi Arabia.

However I don’t think Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a campaigner for women’s rights and a critic of Islam will be getting any awards. She has been called a “notorious Islamophobe” by supporters of the Cult of Death.

Some more on homeopathy and the critics of “Scientism”.

A list of books for Atheists to read (not written by any of the 4 Horsemen).

Excellent news for Poland as the Church of the FSM (Praised be His Noodly Appendage) is now an official religion. All together now – “Pasta, Pasta, Pasta”.

Ten things we did not know last week.

Coffee breaks video: I will have a late breakfast today and watch a few Hitchens videos. Maybe this one first.


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Thanks Reg. Enjoy your breakfast and have a pleasant day

Thank you for the news about FSM and Poland.

As an atheist Pastafarian Minister I'm always interested in news of my church.

Yes you can be an atheist and a minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster because we have dogma but you don't have to believe in it to be a member.  Check us out online.


Thanks Larry....I joined many years ago....I must look up my details. I was talking to a guy from Poland at work today and he is joining soon too.  Ramen!!



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