Faux News continues its campaign of Christian news reporting while calling the FFRF evil.

I wonder how Faux would cover this story in North Carolina about prayer in schools.

If the Ten Commandments are not religious they must be historical??

It’s a sign that Jesus is the light and it is illegal. It would probably be ok in this part of New York where blatant discrimination against atheists and minority faiths is now tolerated.

This is a good post called 40 Problems with Christianity.

Are you able to look at Empathy from a different angle?

While scientists move a step closer to a cure for HIV Catholic bishops slam the latest HHS contraception mandate rules.

Atheism in politics – the difference between the US and the UK.

The Westboro Baptist Church are not like a fuzzy pile of kittens.

Iraqi morgues are overwhelmed as Islamic State continues its sectarian liquidation policy.

It has been a while since I covered any Scientology story. This might be the last time. I feel different about the world after watching the video.  Mother where is my diazepam?

The Ark in the park lark continues as non-Christians need not apply.

A new educational site from the BBC might help with the homework.

The Universe started to expand on July 27th :-).

Your inner “Hydra” that allows for cell regeneration.

Ten things we did not know last week. Some pictures taken last week.

Coffee Break Video: Ted Talk - Can we prevent the end of the World?

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After a good laugh at the ol' Faux, as I feel justified for my LACK of empathy (for once), and laugh ingraciously about the irony of David Cameron's relation to Jesus's modern day Samaritan woman, as I prop up my feet with my tiger slippers, cinnamon green tea in hand as the Universe expands, and my Hydra regenerates, I am enjoying some time with Ted.

Thanks for a great Sunday School as always Reg ;)

Thanks Belle Rose, that sounds like a good plan for a few hours on a Sunday. Glad you enjoy it.

For the last few years I have been following the very well written and researched articles published by Scientific American on human evolution. If it is a subject anyone is interested in then this September’s issue is worth getting.

Interesting angle on empathy - I'll give it a read. 

40 Problems with Christianity.

Very, Very Interesting...with some arguments I have never even heard before.


Plenty of ammo there to add to your list of arguments against Christianity when in a debate with a theist.

The article on empathy does a great job of separating out "cognitive empathy" versus "emotional contagion".  Both are lumped together under the word empathy - always a composite term.  I agree with Paul Bloom that cognitive empathy - perceiving the internal states and needs of others - does a better job of enabling cooperation, compassion and justice than emotional contagion - feeling what others feel - which although useful, can cause burnout and compassion fatigue if overdone. 


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