I always look forward to reading through Sunday School so I am taking a turn as its editor. There are many more stories I could include so if anyone stumbles upon a topic during the week and thinks we should hear about it then please email the links to me and I will include them the following week.

So if your coffee is ready......

Nothing like a little blasphemy to get your Sunday started.  We have already tucked into the Ghost burger story so you may enjoy these other tales of blasphemy.

How do you get rid of all that negative energy? Giving your money to a stranger may not be the best solution as these New Yorkers discovered!!

Jehovah Witnesses are still refusing blood transfusions.

Conspiracy theorists are more likely to mistrust new developments in Science according to this study. This can and often does have fatal consequences.

But why do so many people believe weird things? Michael Shermer talks at TED.

Maybe a few lessons in Critical Thinking would help them out.

The Republican Party really has its work cut out if it wants to gain the Hispanic vote according to this survey.

I punched the air when I heard this news. Atheist Ireland will be organising a course on Atheism for primary school children in our “Educate Together” schools.

Several new species have recently been described in the rainforests of Suriname.  The area is still under threat from gold mining industries. However in Africa 10 nations pledged to transform their economies with priority given to “natural resources”.

Moroccan teenagers get arrested for enraging public decency on Facebook.

The mystery of why life on Earth developed as it did deepens with this new study.

Could it be that the building block of life came from space? That is of course after the Big Bang according to our old Sunday School friend Ethan Siegel.

The deaf shall hear….this is great news.

Boston Dynamics, with funding from DARPA, have released a video of their latest pet that can run faster than Usain Bolt.

The 2014 Oklahoma Mayoral race will be worth following as one candidate is actively seeking the Atheist vote. That’s Okie with me.

Time for more coffee?.....A History of the World in 18m minutes. Another good TED talk.






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Thanks Reg for compiling this

Thanks for grabbing the reins, Reg!

I loved the article on critical thinking and the TED talk with Shermer was priceless!

Let me get another cup of joe and read the rest, looks interesting!

Cheers! :)

Thank you all. I hope it added something to your day.

Good Job!

This is now sent out to the whole site! Thanks again!

Good work, Reg!

I too thank you, Reg, for rekindling Sunday School -- even if the A History of the World in 18m minutes. Another good TED talk did start out with a first there was nothing and then there was something story.

so 2 Moroccan teenagers got arrested for posting a pic of themselves kissing.
calm your dicks people .. it's just a kiss.

@Marvel – the silliest thing about the story is that in order for people to be “outraged” by this affront to “public decency” they have to go online, (where of course there are no images that could upset anyone) and then go to a specific Facebook page and search for the picture.

It reminds me of the story of the Irish priest that was even more upset the second time he watched some sex scene in a film a few years back. Doah!!

My thanks too, Reg!  I've always enjoyed the TA Sunday School.

This was my first visit to this blog and I found it very helpful. Thank you!  I moderate a page and I add 'religion in the news' stories daily from various sources. The site might be helpful to you:



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