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I've been thinking in this for a while and i think this is the time to give it a try. What about if we all participate in the creation of Sunday School? Considering that most of don't have the time to individually create it the way Nelson and Sagacious Hawk could, we can add a link to an article of interest in a Croudsourcing Discussion and by the end of the week i compromise to create the Official Sunday School.

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A team at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), performed an experiments on rats that showed the pleasure pathways in addiction are the same use in normal reward.


I don't have time to do this research, but Dr. Bob mentioned that the Catholic Church's membership is holding steady in the U.S. I would counter that the only way that is true is due to Latin immigration into the USA from Catholic countries.

Could someone find a good database to find out that information? It seems odd that he could make that statement, when all other indicators (Church closings, etc.) point the other direction.

The Catholic Church cheats in the way it counts members.  Anyone who is baptized as a Catholic is counted for life unless they go ask to be removed from the roll, and the Catholic Church accepts this resignation.  The Church has been making is significantly more difficult to do this of late. 

I'm down for it. The biggest issue is getting people to contribute. I like to think that I've made it well known that I accept links sent by other people, and I've given credit to those that I've used when someone sends them to me. If anyone has anything to add that I've missed that you personally found interesting and wanted to share, then add it to the discussion! We all have different corners of the internet that we populate so we all are exposed to different pieces of information that others aren't.

I just finished seeing it, i have to admit i'm impressed. I'm naturally skeptic to everything with "x diet" and is comforting seeing a real scientist speaking about it. Luckily, if i decide to follow it, i won't have to change my diet by a lot.

My problems with the Paleo Diet can be summed up in this satirical piece that I found through a friend a long while back...

When asked what she would tell people who wished to pursue a true paleolithic diet, Dr. Hoyes laughed harshly before replying. ”You really want to be paleo? Then don’t buy anything from a store. Gather and kill what you need to eat. Wild grasses and tubers, acorns, gophers, crickets- They all provide a lot of nutrition. You’ll spend a lot of energy gathering the stuff, of course, and you’re going to be hungry, but that’ll help you maintain that lean physique you’re after. And hunting down the neighbor’s cats for dinner because you’ve already eaten your way through the local squirrel population will probably give you all the exercise you’ll ever need.”

And don't forget the bugs! Grubs, crickets, scorpions, beetles, and such were part of a real paleo diet.

That's what primarily set me off, plus uncook and possibly rotten. After giving it a thought, is not that different from that many, as wikipedia put it, "Fad diet" and reminded me of a diet style my father-in-law follows called genotype diet, however it uses phenotypical characteristics and recommends foods according to labor done by humans in the last 10,000 to 50,000 years with names such as "Hunter", "Explorer", "Gatherer", etc. When he decided to try his book on us, it turns out my whole family had similar proportions (to his surprise for some reason) and the book recommended that we eat exactly the same we have been eating our whole life and that is part of the national cuisine. That made me happy on so many levels.


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