Hey guys! Remember these can also be used as a poor mans sticker with some double sided tape :P

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Also! Remember that you can download the attached version below :)

Thanks guys!

PS Don't forget that you can write little notes on the back of these as well! Perhaps to your profile page or a certain page on the site. Just have fun with them!

Music is track 1 from Little big Planet

A book jammer just chilling out on a door :]

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This is true that woman is a bit bigger. This is mostly to due to the fact with how the photoshop brush is designed.
:) hehe
I think the best way to use these would to slip into to the odd church, temple, mosque, and put them in their prayers books, if they have bibles, etc. Or Just the religious sections of the book store, or even place them under the windshields during a service. If you target, you might best go to where they are. No use in taking a shot, go to where they are, the books they read. I am thinking of hitting church, temple, mosque parking lots while they are in service and putting them under all the windshield wipers. You need to go after your target Audience, seems like jamming them in books of any ilk is a very hit and miss strategy. I also think you may let those who do have doubt somewhere to look for reason, mostly those going through the indoctrination process. If your going to do something, do it for the value and not because you feel naughty like putting them in some book not even based on religion. Would not use your website name before asking, but go after the people who need to doubt, those who go to worship. My ideas seems a far more direct approach.
These are actually a very good idea. That is a very convenient way of spreading our message of freethinking.
Thats a great idea to put them into religious texts despite the risk. You have no idea how many religiously brought up kids around me say that they have doubts.
Just heard about this on the talkshoe program tonight. great idea. I‘m downloading and will doing my little local book jamming.
Wow that is awesome Chad! :] PM me your address to pick up a free TA bracelet or dog tag. Thanks for your support!
Just a thought-- I printed and cut out a bunch of these in black and white (no color printer) and after looking at the original image for a moment, the coloring might suggest that the website is atheist.com (i.e. learn to think atheist.com). Printing them in black and white makes the message clearer.
I can't even express how happy I am to have found this. Ever since I accepted my Atheism and began learning more about it and realizing how freeing it is to be a part of something I actually believe in, instead of something I'm being told by the masses to believe in, I've been looking for ways to spread awareness of Atheism as well as ways  to assure people new to Atheism that it's okay to veer away from mainstream religion. However, as I'm sure you and many others know, resources aren't exactly being thrown at Atheists to be able to do this. This is exactly what I was looking for when I joined this site and I plan on printing these out and sticking them into evolution, science and various other books at my local library and book store. I'm very excited!! If I feel under the radar enough, I will try to post a picture of a row of books with the bookmarks sticking out of the top!! Thank you for this.
Also, I am going to write quotes on the back of the bookmarks, related to Atheism and the such, just to make  them a little more thought provoking so people will look at it and actually engage in reading it instead of just thinking it's another promotional thing. Just an idea.

I'm going to print these out...
and have a little trip to my school library tomorrow morning. :D
We have Bibles and Torahs in my library, so those are the first books I'm going to put the jammers in.



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