Hey guys! Remember these can also be used as a poor mans sticker with some double sided tape :P

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Also! Remember that you can download the attached version below :)

Thanks guys!

PS Don't forget that you can write little notes on the back of these as well! Perhaps to your profile page or a certain page on the site. Just have fun with them!

Music is track 1 from Little big Planet

A book jammer just chilling out on a door :]

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Ender's Game! Nice selection there. :P
Nice, once I can print them off I will put them in every damn book on the fob. lol
I started getting all excited about doing this last night, when my wife pointed out that this is the sort of thing that would annoy me about religious people. I don't like having religion or beliefs pushed in my face. If I go to buy a book or magazine, I don't like being told what to think or where to go. How are these different?
You have the choice to go to the site or not. We are simply pointing out that there is a community for free thinkers to come together and discuss anything. Name a place where you can really go as a atheist?

We are not a religion. We don't have any dogma. I don't see the problem with this type of advertisements. I think we need to promote atheism to the fullest extent. In fact this is a great way to promote the site in my personal opinion. Im going to go down to my book store and put a bunch in various science books!

How else would you promote atheism? I would love to see your ideas.

Oh and if it feels right DO IT!

I suppose I just feel that putting things in books is more likely to annoy people and drive them away from atheism than to get them interested in it. I feel like evangilism is one of those issues in which we should take the high ground.

I did see someone suggesting that they would put them into books about atheism, which seems very reasonable (in fact, I might do this next time I find myself in a book store), because then people are interested in atheism and might be looking for further information.

I'd be happy to put posters up around the place, cause I feel that's less targeted and in-your-face. I don't really know what else I can do...
Is atheism something one can be driven away from? It really isn't like Christianity or any other religion. If you're not already curious, you're going to steer clear of it to begin with. If you find a thinkatheist jammer and you're a Christian, yes... you're absolutely going to be annoyed. Who cares? They're annoying and anti-intellectual. To me, this is just a way of inviting people who are already free-thinking. To hell with whoever gets annoyed ;). It's just as easy to toss the little thing aside. No harm, no foul. We're not here to convert, yo.
I feel the only people who would be "driven away" from the site, or get really upset about a little bookmark are people who won't be accepting of atheism in the first place. At least it will let those people know that we are out there.
I think this is a great idea. We live in a world were people are conditioned to direct marketing. You can't hope to reach people just by hoping for good fortune, christ it's not like we've got god on our side! ;) so this gets my vote.

I'll be printing some off for sure!
I think these look awesome, and I think sticking them in science magazines, etc. is a great idea, but I do have one problem. I didn't notice it in the video, but when I actually looked at the printable image I realized that the people are scaled wrong; the woman is substantially larger than the man. Anybody else notice?
I don't see anything wrong with that Kirk :D
Amazon Women!!! Attack!!!



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