This post is now closed the new bracelet post can be found HERE :]

With the generous donations that have been received from various members on the site I thought it would be a great idea to give some love back and give away free Think Atheist Bracelets! They simply say:

Learn to Think Atheist

There is 5 different colors: RED/YELLOW/BLACK/WHITE/GREY

All you have to do is post a picture OR video REMEMBER you can upload pics/video from your phone! Click here to learn how!) of your street advertisement of think atheist in your own unique way. please POST YOUR MASTER PIECE as a regular photo and personally PM me with the link and to get it featured and collect your bracelet!

It really is that simple!

Various ways you can promote the site. (I am sure you can come up with your own unique spin)

Think Atheist's mission is to spread the word about atheism with hand-to-hand, life style stores drops, posters and sticker promotion. Services Colleges: • Hand-to-Hand distribution • College sporting events • Posters on and around campus • Car windshields Guerrilla and Street Marketing: • Freeway over pass sniping • Sticker sniping • Pole sniping • Telephone sniping Concerts and Clubs: • Hand-to-Hand • Car windshields • Posters around event or club Life Style Store Drops: • Flyers and posters in stores • Sniping inside of books at a book store. (This means in unique places)

Simply writing "learn to" is simple enough to earn you a bracelet. (Remember you can come up with your own spin on how to spin a little saying)

REMEMBER!!! KEEP IT POSITIVE! Negative stuff will earn you nothing and a possible BAN from the site. Just use your head. You will know what is right and what is wrong.


Finally you will have to send me your personal address which I keep a highly guarded secrete! (I already have all your emails :P haha)

Post here if you have any questions!

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Hey Kevin!


We just ran out of the bracelets yesterday but I will be ordering more and they should be here in two weeks or so :]

Be sure to upload any photos of your promotion for the site you will be the first to get the new batch of bracelets that come in. sure why not. I don't see why we can't send out five bracelets for you and your buddies. Just make sure that they are signed up on the site :]

Make sure that you give me a personal message to let me knowthat you have uploaded the photos to the site.

Thank you for your time and dedication
Yep that is it.
You must take a pic of the hanging one in order to take credit ;)
Glad you made it :]
Alright. I posted this up in a neighborhood community mail center, but there are many other places that I've posted them.

I'm just wondering how long it will take until someone decides to take our promotions down. I did notice tons of religious fliers up. That's okay though. I'll just keep reposting them if they take them down.
Please send me your address and what color :]
5600 W. Wren Place.
Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Thnx Morgan
Hi - I've posted links to this site on my facebook and twitter sites. I've also uploaded an interesting picture of a billboard I ran across on a highway in Maryland (nothing like a little inter-faith warfare) as well as uploaded the full first season of Mr. Diety videos to this site!

May I please please have a bracelet?
This is now closed the new bracelets can be found here



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