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Southern tip of South America. It's one of the windiest places on Earth, and one of the most unexplored, as well.
Beautiful pics!
Amazing photos! Is the one in the middle with the moon red by natural circumstances or did you play with it?
I've seen other pictures of the same ridge and other ridges. It's genuine. I think the color is coming from the sunset, but still-wow!
Wow, this got me to go looking for other pictures. I MUST visit this place before some jackoff corporation ruins it!
I think the middle picture is not tampered with.

The wind in this place can rip the doors off of cars. There are really strange, huge, alien-like trees here, too.
Quite lovely. I can just imagine doin' some lady friend there.
Did you visit Torres del Paine? We stayed at the Explora lodge of the most beautiful places I've ever been! We saw Andean condors soaring overhead and hiked, rode horses, drank Chilean wine and had a marvelous time!


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