Picard was the best Enterprise captain of all time and any one who says different should have their head teleported out of their rectum.!

How's that for a rousing start? I figured we should skip the foreplay. ;)

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I third that Picard was smarter
This controversy seems tame! Is it that the religious Star Trek fans like Kirk above all?
I liked them both but PICARD was kick ass!
Out of left field with Sisko!

I have to admit that I only watched the first few seasons of DS9.
Sisko was the kind of guy who you know you could like, but you'd always wonder if he was just gonna haul off and kick your ass one day just for fun...

Great acting from Patrick Stewart, superb writing by the staff, and an overall great leader for a character
If it's a question of Galaxy Class Enterprise versus Constitution Class Enterprise, then there's no question of who's got the better deal as far as captains.

If it's a question of who would win in a fist fight. . .


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