It seems that we are constantly being bombarded with bad press. There's a few threads on this site right now talking about it, either on Facebook or in the media. Atheism is seen as a "bad word" and I think this is why some people are not taking the step out of the closet.


It's time to stop worrying about the bad press.


It's time to counter their preconceptions.


It's time to volunteer.


Yes, volunteer. We need to be a presence in our communities to show people that we aren't angry or "mad at god." We are people who decide not to live in a fairytale world. We are people that will help our communities just for the sake of being good, not because some magical sky fairy told us to.


Becky and I have been discussing a few options. As she mentioned in her post, there's the idea of adopting a highway. [SCDOT FAQ] It seems simple enough. Then, we could have THIS:


If we can get enough people who are willing to partake in the events, we can do this in several parts of the state.



So, who's interested? We need to take a tally of who's interested and the area you can help in. 


Please, if you have any other ideas or suggestions about serving our community, let's hear them!


P.S. I'm thinking SC atheists t-shirts...oh yea!

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Organize a protest in front of Westboro Baptist Church.


I'm sure that will come up in the future lol but right now let's focus on making an impact on the community :)

I think any kind of volunteer work where we wear a t-shirt broadcasting what we stand for would be great. We could get 5-10 people together for a volunteer day. 


Just brainstorming too lol...

*Downtown Greenville's park-clean up day [or other popular parks and areas. If we really want to make an impact on people, we need to show them]

*I've heard something about you can volunteer to read to kids @ the library. Maybe a book reading of something dealing with evolution for secular children in the area [This could be something we each do in our own areas and spread the message across the state.]... This could even be a way to find more secular/atheist adults would like to volunteer.


Any other ideas out there?


lol, stirring up trouble in the south with some evolution!! I think we can find enough secular children to do it though. I have a 3 year old girl so she would be there. :)

I don't really think we would need to ask permission to clean up the park, at least I don't think. We could have a meet up for a pick-up day and then for lunch. Yes, to the Sticky Fingers. It's the only place I'll eat BBQ :)

I guess though we really need to work on recruiting first. Do you think Atheist Nexus would get mad if we posted a link to this under their SC atheist group?
Hands On Greenville ( is an awesome volunteer effort.  HOG day is Saturday, April 30.  I live in Greenville, so anything in the surrounding area works for me.  I'd rather do something for people than animals, but I'm not opposed to working with animals as Brittany suggested.
I think Hands on Greenville may be the way to go to find projects in the Upstate. Check this out
That's a good idea. We would need to find a common place we could all meet. (I'm not opposed to driving to the coast for weekend though :) How would we go about organizing a walk like that?
This could also be something we think about :) but I am on the same page as Mike about helping people. (though not opposed either)
i don't want this to be a one-time thing.  i'd like to volunteer regularly, so we could help animals sometimes and people other times.  I don't want to discount the intelligence of animals but people are acutely aware of their problems.

so folks... we going to get something together for HOG day?

I'm down.


We need a name for our group. Any suggestions?


SC Atheist Volunteer Group

Atheist Association of South Carolina 

Volunteer Atheist

Think Atheist Volunteer Organization


Slogans for tshirts?


Doing good without god. <- I like.

for a name, i'm all about a clever acronym.  i've been brainstorming but i haven't some up with anything solid.  :-/


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