Since the churches have taken it upon themselves to cross the line separating church and state... I say we meet them halfway.
Our state is billions in dept and we need some real cash coming in.
There's billions of dollars worth of Tax revenue to be gained from the churches here in this state.
between all their profits and current holdings we can get our depts worked out, better schools and better lower cost University education for our high school grads.

I'm not making this up... the Roman Catholic Church is rich... in San Diego alone the holdings that came out of the Child molestation, pedeophilia and sex abuse cases was lowballed at over 600 million dollars.
Sex abuse story
No if you figure that number was before all the creative book keeping and hiding of assets that were later found by the court judge ... then multiplied by entire state.. and different religious corporations ... we've got billions in tax revenue waiting to be collected.

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they should be taxed now considering how involved they are in lobbying their members to vote a certain candidate or measure.


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