I think that we all know that the last big election cycle we had here there was a piece of anti-gay marriage legislation known as Prop 8. Basically, it banned same sex marriage within the state. It's come out that the religious groups (pun intended) namely the Christians and the Mormon Churches backed the proposition with multi millions of dollars to design, produce and promote the proposition.
When you look at the figures, you can see that the advertising worked, managing to sway many people into a voting out of fear and misinformation.

What gets me is that this is clearly a violation between "church and state" ...
they're interfering with state politics against a group of people that isn't doing anyone harm.
Who's or what's next?...
I sure don't want to live in society dictated to by some collection of myths and bronze age laws.

There's one good thing about this... I believe that the gay's are really organized, well funded and smart here in this state.... it'll be interesting to see how they'll respond against the religious attack.

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