I don't know how many of you read my blog about the sin tax but seriously, action needs to be taken to fight this. We don't get a chance to vote, we just have to adjust. Maybe someone can suggest a way to solve this crazy issue. If it was up to me... I would blow things up...any other suggestions?

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if they dont make ciggs more affordable...i feel like blowing things up...im not really going to do it...we should start some kind of rev. though
Why Me!? :P
The only way to combat it is through your vote.
Go find out how your state reps voted on this issue, then you email them and call them and you tell them that because of how they voted on this issue and others that concern you, that come next election they will NOT get your vote.
An you get your fellow smokers to do the exact same thing.
We may not get to vote on it when it comes to the table, but our votes can keep them from doing it to us again in the future.
We don't get to vote on the sin tax...that's what makes it a joke...;)
I do this quite often, but I am surrounded by religious nut-jobs so it really falls on deaf ears. I also correspond with my Representatives & Senators frequently but it gets me nowhere. All that I do is futile. People here are angry but don't have the balls to write our leaders. They're all talk & no action. If I were to start a massive rally to protest, I'd be a lone minuteman with the riot police beatin' the shit out of me. Until the American people stop bein' so soft & allowin' our government to regulate us, we have no hope of being heard.
Just to add a British perspective. We have a huge tax lumped on cigarettes, this however helps pay for a great majority of our health service. But with people eating themselves to death its not looking so good.

The UK Treasury earned £8.0 billion in revenue from tobacco tax for the financial year 2005-06. The cost to our health service of treating people who have smoked is about £1.7 billion.

Obesity is set to cost the nhs (national health service) £6.5 to £7 billion a year. :(

I have to disagree, however let me first let you and your readers know that I am dfrom the UK. We have high taxes on alcohol and cigarettes.

Your right when you state that it effects the poorer people of both our countries as a high percentage of them smoke and drink.

Our taxes for contraband has risen another 2% , this puts about 17 pence on a packet of 20 bringing the price to nearly £6 for some brands.

I am for even higher taxes on both for health reasons, they cost the UK goverments billions for the health service and although I dont know the exact figures the death rate due to diseases attributed to both are very high.

What are the tax rates and prices in your country, Am I rtight in thinking tghe pricers differ from state to state. This does happen in Europe where taxes are low and we have an high demand for smuggled contraband to this country.

you can disagree all you want...it doesn't change the fact that what is decided to be a "luxury," should be decided by the people. Some people smoke and drink their whole lives and never die...from that anyway. Some people never smoke and die of lung cancer anyways.

They vary from state to state....even still...no voting. I know people who do worse things to their bodies with other "luxuries," like food for example. Heart disease due to obesity costs our counrty more...Food=Sin tax...where's the line?
Over here in Scotland we have very different attitudes to drinking compared with our European brothers and sisters.
In europe the attitude is more laid back and they have a good time whilst drinking, not drinking to have a good time. So here in the Uk we have lots of issues with alcohol related medical problems.
Saying that, obesity is going to totally wipe out our nhs because people can't control how much they eat.
I think I heard on the radio recently, that raising the price of alcohol did work in the past to help reduce consumption...can't remember where, when or who by lol
Thats funny it seems cigarretes are going up in price everywhere. I won't quite smoking though love it to much. I would bring them in out of country but you can't taxes.
So has anyone grown their own tobacco? I'm not sure of the regulations but if sold in the unprocessed state, is it legal to buy it as a food product? How about on a reservation?
Also, yes we do have a vote. However, being heard as a collective would be the way to go with this. I'm not a smoker or use tobacco in any way myself, but dammit, I'll stand for your right to do it without being unfairly penalized.


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