Sin taxes have historically triggered rampant smuggling and black markets, especially when they create large price differences in neighboring jurisdictions. Critics of sin taxes argue that it's a regressive tax in nature and discriminates against the lower classes, since in many jurisdictions they are more likely to be consumers of alcohol and tobacco and more likely to consume a greater quantity of it. Sin taxes are not normally value added in nature meaning that expensive, high-quality product more likely to be purchased by the wealthy will have the tax comprise a much smaller proportion of its final purchase price, thus ensuring that the lower classes pay a much greater proportion of their lower income in tax. Critics also argue that the behavior affected by sin taxes are strictly personal and of no social consequence, and therefore should not be moderated by government. - Wikipedia

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It varies from state to state...I hate Florida
we pay way too much for booze and cigs. and theyre not expensive products.
i think the worst ive seen is in new york, where cigs are like 11 bucks a pack. insanity!


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