I usually feel some sort of pity for those less fortunate than I....however, I am a poker dealer and everyone that plays at my tables happen to be unemployed, collecting welfare, taking charity, complaining it's not enough...meanwhile I have been holding down full-time employment for over 5 years and have no healthcare, no paid time off, no second chances.    Today I was sitting in my car at a red light messaging my boyfriend, when the "Homeless Voice" walked by my car and waved...I waved back and smiled.  (I never carry cash or coins because I will give it to them, and I'm not in a position to be charitable at the moment.)   As he got closer...he looked in my car at me and my sister and said..."That's it...go back to your cell phones.."  I was so angered by his comment.  I mean, really?  I couldn't help myself...I lowered my window a little further and said, "  I always give money!!  I happen not to have any on me today...but you know what?  I will never give it again!  I pay for my cell with the job that I have, which I hate!  But I do it everyday so that people like you can do what it is that you do which is noting but suck our country dry!"  Now...I feel bad...lol.  But he eats everyday because of our tax dollars, he sees a doctor, he makes money and pays NOTHING.  RANTING is appreciated...anyone else happen to be outraged with the "balls" our homeless have?

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Just a few days ago me and a friend were sitting at Starbucks in the outside section, and a man approached my friend and told her he was collecting money for a shelter. She told him she did not have any money (I can't remember the exact words she said) but he misunderstood her and yelled at her "I'm not asking you for $9.00!" He thought she had said she did not have $9.00 to give to him. Whatever, it was crazy.


After his outburst she said "I don't have any money. God bless you." He walked away. This is why I am afraid when people approach me for money. Sometimes they have severe mental issues and you don't know what they will do and sometimes they are assholes. Sometimes they really are people down on their luck. All I know is all this shit runs through my head when I see one approaching  me and I get really tense and anxious. I am always on the look out for them and walk way around in order to avoid them.


Usually when they catch me off guard, I do give them money. Way more than I should and this makes me angry at myself. I do know that some people make a good living out of asking for money.


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