The Mob grew by leaps and bounds during Prohibition. The Kennedy's became fantastically wealthy importing alcohol from Canada, illegally. Some of you may know that Joaguin Guzman is on the Forbes list as a billionaire. No.. he doesn't run alcohol ala Kennedy's, he's a Mexican Cocaine distributor. The Drug War has gone on long enough and we've heard enough lies. I don't do drugs, don't like drugs, won't do them if they become legal, but reality is what it is. Gangs exist because of drugs distributorship. Jim Webb is the biggest name that I've ever heard calling for a change in policy. The video is long and not exciting, but the point is well made and give me hope for the future. Is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. They have started a new campaign calling for the legalization of drugs. Is the pendulum finally swinging towards freedom?

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its about damn time! i say leagalize ALL OF IT, then tax and regualte it.
lol...I don't know about all of it...


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