The Republicans of this country are trying to put us all back into the 1900's....what do you think will happen if one of these Nazi's makes it into office? 

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Well... I am seriously considering getting my tubes tied if one of these whack jobs gets in. I feel my femaleness is a total liability right now. Mitt Romney doesn't even know how birth control works; he's simultaneously supporting the personhood at conception rulings, yet also supports birth control. Duhhh... so... I don't really want my life in the hands of people who know not the first thing about it. I don't want to find myself in a situation where my life is hanging in the balance and doctors can just decide I'm not worth saving. Oh, you're pregnant and carrying to term means you'll die? Sucks to be you! Oh, you were raped? Sorry, your vagina belongs to anyone that can pin you down. Oh, your child has a terminal defect and will only live a brief life of agony? Too bad!

Yeah... I just don't feel comfortable with this risk. I don't even want kids, so being forced into it is bad enough. But realizing my life is worthless is beyond acceptable.

There may be other ways I prepare for their reign of terror...


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