My morning was shaken up by an experience that I would like to share with you. Perhaps someone can offer me some insight, because I'm completely baffled by what I

I was out walking my dog I noticed my neighbor's small dog was out in front of her apartment. My dog was yelping and pulling on his leash, so we strolled over to say hello. I was surprised to see my neighbor's husband, Frank, sitting in a wheelchair in his doorway, holding the rope that his dog was tied to. I knew he had been in and out of the hospital and rehabs several times over the past six months, so I was surprised to see him home again. He looked as pale as a ghost and was extremely skeletal. Trying to be warm and welcoming I began to just small talk.  Frank discussed his most recent tragedy, the amputation of half of his right foot. Months ago, most of his left leg had been amputated. all due to poor circulation from having diabetes.

He's been through hell, but seemed happy enough to still be among the living, and eager to chat. We both use the same dog groomer so Frank asked me whether I had seen Beth lately. She also happens to be on old high school friend of mine, so I am in touch with her quite often. Somehow Frank brought up the subject of Beth's pot smoking, which she has continued to enjoy all these years since she and I were teenagers. Much better than consuming alcohol as far as I'm concerned. He told me that he used to smoke marijuana, and I added that perhaps he should try it again to help him with his loss of appetite. Which immediately stirred him to remember and mention how much it had helped to increase his sexual prowess... I sarcastically remarked, "Like I need to know that about you Frank?" Expecting to let him know that I was NOT in the least interested in moving our conversation in that direction. I let it pass and turned the topic back to other things that smoking marijuana is good for. He then paused and said that he wanted to ask me a question... Without any hesitation. he asked whether weed was sexually stimulating for me? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

To look at this guy, you can see he is not long for this world. Plus, he just got out of the hospital late last night!  He's also married to a woman who does everything for him. For sure, he was not 'coming on' to me, but how the hell does this guy still have the oomph left to want to titillate himself with some sexual banter? It completely grossed me out and I just told him that it was none of his business and that he was NOT a gentleman, and stormed off.

This situation with Frank was repulsive, but he is not the only old geezer who lives in my complex who has spoken or acted inappropriately to me. AND most all of them are MARRIED! I'm no 'spring chicken' myself, but I do not welcome these odd sexual innuendos being thrown my way by horny, ancient older men. No matter how unattractive, disabled or feeble they are, sex is still paramount on  their brains, and I simply don't get it? DO YOU????

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You know upon reading this a second time, I still don't understand the disgust you had. The way he asked the question, and with the physical state that he is in, I think he just wanted confirmation on what he thought he remembered about weed. It wasn't like he was asking what turns you on, he just wanted to know if it was a common effect and not something he thought he remembered from his younger days. Erectile dysfunction, natures way of letting the body know it's done, but it still doesn't shut down the brain.
I suggest you need to read it again and again and again... He did ask me a PERSONAL question about my sexual nature on weed, after I had told him that I was NOT inclined to discuss this with him. What is there not to understand about that? I told him NO, and he proceeded to continue regardless. And it was clear he was asking how Weed turns ME ON.

This was not a general question whether weed could be used to enhance one's sex. He wanted me to share my more intimate sexual details and he would have been ecstatic to discuss his.

I have commented over and over again about my perspective on this. If you don't get it, there is nothing more I can say or explain to you. Think what you wish.
1. "Expecting to let him know that I was NOT in the least interested in moving our conversation in that direction." - In other words you fully expected him to read your mind instead of interpret it in light of what he thought!

2. "I let it pass " - Obviously without saying you don't want to go there.

3. "and turned the topic back to other things that smoking marijuana is good for. " - Indicating to him that you were still interested in the topic.

4. "He then paused and said that he wanted to ask me a question... Without any hesitation. he asked whether weed was sexually stimulating for me?" - And you got upset!!! Are you kidding me? In my youth we used to call females like you cock-teasers. Lead you along and then get all pissy when we do or say something. I have since grown out of that idea to just the idea that you are socially incompetent when it comes to males!
Bruce, this discussion is long over and done, and your derogatory 'two cents' (if that much...) is worthless to me. Go bother someone else.


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