Is it true that a girl is supposed to act like she isn't that interested so that a guy will remain interested? Does this cat and mouse game still work?

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No, most definitely not. Well, not with me anyways. If a girl acts uninterested, I will quite likely assume that she actually is uninterested, and leave her alone. 

If a woman doesn't act interested, neither do I.

It starts with eye contact. Blatant, intentional eye contact, with no other communication. That tells me that you have no other reason to be looking into my eyes other than just looking into my eyes. That gets my attention, and I'll continue from there. I'lll start a conversation, and we'll see if we click. That's only happened for me once, as the women that have actually been receptive rather than hard to get have been pretty transparent and shallow. Very seldom do I meet an intelligent woman that is confident enough to hold a gaze.

I don't play hard to get, and I would like a woman to be the same. I don't see the point in pursuing a woman who acts like she's not interested. It's like begging someone to be you're girlfriend, and I think that's ridiculous. Why would I want to pursue a woman when it borders harassment, intended or not? I don't fight over women either. We are all adults, and I'm not going to compete for the attention of a woman. The woman I want wouldn't like to be thought of as a trophy anyway. She knows what she wants, and actively pursues it.


  I like your attitude. You pretty much rock and deserve nothing less. There women out there who are blunt and forthcoming. We like to be pursued too though. Come on: Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow many of these ladies went after their men? NO. they waited for the men to come to them. These are the pathetic storybook romances we've dreamt of all out lives. We're groomed from little-girl-on-up that we're supposed to be pursued by a man. We're taught that jealousy is a sign of love, (at least where I came from), we're taught that if a man isn't possessive then he doesn't care. We're fed a load of CRAP!!!! You probably won't find any theist women who have unraveled the mess and make sense of what it really means to be a woman. You probably don't want that anyway. I'm just saying that your ideal may be hard to find but not impossible.

If a woman doesn't act interested, neither do I.

Just a suggestion you might try: lighten up a little and take a chance. You might have to make the first move, women simply aren't used to being the instigator of any kind of friendly exchange with a man. We're taught that it makes us look like hoes. So...I'm just sayin'.

Well, there is always the concept that we tend to want that which is out of reach and disdain that which we know we can have, but I find that kind of behavior to be the product of immature minds.

I have never heard of that. Sounds ridiculous to me. But then I am kind of deaf dumb and blind to the games the sexes play with one another.

False. we're neither mice or cats...Personally, I'd just be like ok she's not interested, and hope I can find someone who is...It's odd that most girls say they don't like to play "head games" but they go ahead and do it themselves..Girls always with their saying one thing and doing the other type of deal

The very best aphrodisiac?

Being happy. Having a good time. With or without someone else. Happiness attracts other happy people.

If there are no other happy people around? You will have enjoyed your life.

BTW, needy people ARE NOT HAPPY!

Nice, Tom

I can assure you that, while not everyone plays it, it does still go on.

Lets take this question down to its most basic and essential form: 

Is it true that a girl is supposed to act? 

So, I would say no is the answer to that question, on a denatured basis of the content of the question. A girl DOES act insofar as she behaves (enacts behavior).

So... to consider supposition here is kind of confounding to me.

To clarify, If you are asking for the characteristic view of the population, and not advice or input for attracting men, my previous answer will be vastly insufficient. 

Is a girl supposed to act? Of course, as the initiator of all of her actions, she's the actor.

You could be more precise. I think you meant something like "Is a girl supposed to be devious?" or perhaps "Does mating imply or impose roles on females (and by implication males)?"

A girl isn't being devious if she's playing by the rules of the game. Mating is somewhat ritualized in any and every society. 

"Is a girl supposed to act?" - "Mating is somewhat ritualized in any and every society."

I find myself suddenly imagining an action that involves a ritual, that involves a stripper pole --


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