Is it true that a girl is supposed to act like she isn't that interested so that a guy will remain interested? Does this cat and mouse game still work?

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god no, if a girl acts like she isn't interested I say buh-bye and won't waste my time on her.  

I know of a few girls that can't stand when guys don't lavish them with attention so they fall for the guys that act like they don't exist.  Seems like an immature way of dealing with things but it does work to a degree.  If you smother a girl with attention and affection before you know them really well, they will probably get creeped out.  

Age/ Maturity dependent.  I'm old enough to not play games, I'd assume you weren't interested and if I thought you were, too much damn work.

Teenage kid looking to make his bones, he'd go after the "conquest".

As I recall, it was my wife asked me to marry her.

Depends if she wants a relationship based on mutual respect and friendship, or one based on being manipulative. If the former then no, if it is a power thing then yes. Same thing if you go after an extraordinarily attractive person- never, ever mention their looks. Everyone else will be constantly telling them how gorgeous she is, so if you don't you'll intrigue them. Again, manipulative and not really the basis for a good relationship.

I don't know if it's "true" so much as a method people use to establish their position in the relationship.  If the other person is chasing you, it is assumed that you are in control.  The majority of relationships appear to have one person who is in charge while the other is subordinate.  It's not always the guy. I would think any rational person would want to be equals in a relationship, but emotions make thinking logically difficult for someone you're romantically entangled with.

I can only speak for myself when I say that playing hard to get is a good way to encourage the guy to look for somebody who doesn't play mind games.  

No way, it depends completely on the person in question! If I was meeting a girl and she showed no interest I'd stop bothering quickly enough! Whats the point in games?!?! There's a certain amount of 'chasing' that should be done by both parties but showing no interest is a bad move, especially considering how easy it is to meet other people now. But showing to much is equally off putting. You need to get a balance and know that as a relationship develops so do the roles that each person plays changes! 

No, not for me.  I tend to be quite up front if I like someone which I'm working on as it tends to scare women off lol!  But there's nothing I like more than a woman who will walk up to me in a bar or wherever, ask for my number and if I want to go for a drink.

I think it should be about give and's supposed to be fun, not a major battle with strategies and manoeuvres lol. I think some people put too much thought into these things and too little heart/gut ...... just saying, like

Well...if a girl acts as if she is not interested then I leave her alone. But if I really want that chick, wheather she likes me or not initially, then I will get her or at least try. But I can only try so hard until I finally say faq it and move on. Plus I like a little challenge and I'm a big flirt, and most women lt me know before hand if they are interested.

I think its how it works for some. For me such games can ruin the relationship between two people, i believe that being so transparent is the best way to do it, yes maybe a lot of women or men wouldn't like such attitude but it's not designed to all women or all men it's the designed for the true soulmate...

What i think is NO, a woman should be very clear about her intentions and same for men :)

Playing hard-to-get works for a while, until he figures you're ungettable.

At the same time, it's a male trait to be acquisitive. Once he thinks he has you, his attentiveness may drop off some. He'll move on to his next project. Contrary to what many (more typically females) think, always leaving a little doubt is not a bad thing. So, even if you're in a committed relationship, let him know that you think Obama or some famous actor is hot, and let your eyes wander when with him. I can almost guarantee you'll be seeing his eye wandering from time to time.

If a woman doesn't act interested, neither do I.

It starts with eye contact. Blatant, intentional eye contact, with no other communication. That tells me that you have no other reason to be looking into my eyes other than just looking into my eyes. That gets my attention, and I'll continue from there. I'lll start a conversation, and we'll see if we click. That's only happened for me once, as the women that have actually been receptive rather than hard to get have been pretty transparent and shallow. Very seldom do I meet an intelligent woman that is confident enough to hold a gaze.

I don't play hard to get, and I would like a woman to be the same. I don't see the point in pursuing a woman who acts like she's not interested. It's like begging someone to be you're girlfriend, and I think that's ridiculous. Why would I want to pursue a woman when it borders harassment, intended or not? I don't fight over women either. We are all adults, and I'm not going to compete for the attention of a woman. The woman I want wouldn't like to be thought of as a trophy anyway. She knows what she wants, and actively pursues it.


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