How to Meet, Date, and Woo Atheist Women

Posted by Hemant Mehta
The Friendly Atheist

I always hear people talking about where they can meet other atheists for dating/mating purposes. So I put the question out to several atheist lady-friends and the Twitter/Facebook worlds: What do the rest of us need to know in order to woo female atheists?

The response was overwhelming. I’ve compiled the advice below from what they said (along with my own thoughts).

# #1: Know where to look

* Not at her boobs (see Step 3).

* Meetings of local or campus atheist groups.

* Certain college classes: Political science, Geology, Biology, Philosophy, etc. (Classes involving small group discussions are a plus.)

* Sci-fi conventions

* Coffee Shops

* Used bookstores

* Atheist message boards.

* Facebook — It’s possible to do a direct search in your network for atheists, agnostics, humanists, and Pastafarians (seriously).

* Twitter — You can search for the term “atheist” or connect with friends of known atheists.

* YouTube — If you search for “atheist,” you’ll find that several awesome ladies post videos on there. Does one live near you? Profess your love. Know that every other person is doing the same thing and you may be rejected or ignored.

* The blogosphere — To the women who blog, we all salute you.

* Catholic high schools (If you’re over 18, please ignore this one).

# #2: Try the dating websites

Salon/Nerve/Onion = Great for atheists. Those sites are all part of the same network.

OKCupid = Good for atheists. And free! (How could you not love a site that has a section called “stalkers”?)

Match = Decent for atheists.

eHarmony = Not so good for atheists. The founder is a conservative Christian and that doesn’t help us. Plus, those commercials are so damn annoying…

Craigslist = Would you like some gonorrhea to go with that herpes?

(Actually, Craigslist is fine… but your best bet is to post your own ad — saying a little bit about yourself and the type of person you’re looking for — and then learn to weed out the crazies.)

# #3: Be social. But don’t pounce

When you go to atheist gatherings, definitely talk to the ladies.

Try to be smooth.

The problem isn’t that no one talks to the women; the problem is that way too many people talk to the women… all at once… the moment they step into the room.

And most of the guys are creepy.

Don’t be one of them.

Look presentable. Put your glasses on straight. Suck in the gut. Shower. Floss. Cologne is good when measured in drops.

Don’t bring up your collection of Star Trek memorabilia. Save that for the second date. (Or never… unless she’s into them, too.)

Don’t stare at her boobs. Save that for the third date. (Or just be subtle.)

# #4: Looking like this scores you bonus points


Or this:


If you need surgery to make the transformation happen, go for it.

# #5: Have something to talk about other than atheism

Believe it or not, there are plenty of other topics worth discussing.

We all love meeting someone else who feels the same way about God and astrology and Tom Cruise. But once that’s understood, it’s time to move on.

It’s also not pleasant to hear someone trashing religious people all night.

Read books, be up-to-date on current events, know how to tell a good story, know something about sports (better yet, play one), listen to music that isn’t on the radio, watch movies that play in only a handful of theaters.

If the Flying Spaghetti Monster comes up in conversation, don’t attempt a joke about what you do with your noodly appendage. It will fail.

Bringing up This American Life or Mythbusters scores you bonus points.

# #6: When not at an atheist gathering, it helps to carry around a New Atheist book

If you’re sitting in an airport or a coffee shop, just break out that copy of The God Delusion. You don’t have to be reading it. Just look like you’re reading it. The atheist ladies will flock to you. That book is like a Bat signal for the godless.

It also helps to just be public about your atheism. How will the ladies find you if you’re closeted?

Fact: If you have a Darwin Fish on your car, or a Scarlet A sticker on your computer/manpurse (murse?), atheist ladies will chase after you.
# #7: It may be useful to accurately gauge the woman’s degree of atheism

If it turns out you and she are similarly secular, you are one step ahead of the game.

How do you find that out?

Begin by tossing around words like “secular” and “agnostic” and check out her reaction. If she’s already freaked out, run away. If she seems responsive, this is good news.

Then try throwing out a “Pastafarian” or “Humanist.” If she stares at you blankly, run away. If she laughs or nods approvingly, you’re on the right track.

Then mention “PZ Myers.”

If her reaction is like this…


or this…


… she may be the one for you.

Either one works. Because it’s all about name recognition and there is no in-between with PZ :)

* #8: Just because she is an atheist, do not assume you know what she thinks about everything else

Not all atheist women are swingers.

Some of them may be looking for a long-term relationship. Some may not want to ever get married

Some may not be pro-choice or vote Democrat. Some may actually like certain aspects of religion.

Some may want to have babies for non-digesting purposes.

You’ll have to discover all these things on your own.

* #9: Do not automatically discount a non-atheist

It is very possibly that you meet someone you like who is a very religious person. Or just moderately theistic. Or Jewish.

If you have fun and get along, maybe religion is a barrier you can overlook at first. Maybe she’s an atheist who hasn’t realized it yet. Maybe she’s someone who has never questioned her faith before but is interested in what you have to say. And, yes, maybe it’ll be a barrier you can’t overcome. You never know.

Moral of the story: You don’t automatically have to set your dating website search filters on “atheist” only.

* #10: Be ready to have a duel with the atheist who is already dating her.

If you meet the woman of your dreams, you’ll find out quickly that she’s already seeing somebody. In this case, you must be prepared to do battle. I suggest becoming a fencing or jousting expert.

Now, get out there and breed!

OK, What can you add to this list?  Share your meeting and greeting tips....

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Well, it seems that I gotta join up...hahaha... Well ladies, I say we all make an appearance since we will be so well received!

But this is a dilemma - Why is it that there are so few atheist women? I've seen this question bantered around, but It defies my ability to explain this odd occurrence? I've never been a believer, and my daughter having been raised as an atheist embraces rationality herself... Anyone have any novel ideas why there are so few women atheists compared with men?

Women are peacemakers, women are pacifists, we are raised to not make a ruckus and to do what needs to be done to keep the status quo going. Even if church tells women they are lesser beings, they feel that they must be quiet and accept what is given to them, and that they are lucky, should any attention or care be given to them at all.

Any woman who dares speak up is a bitch, a whore, or a tranny. I've been accused of all three(by atheists as well) when I suggested that minority groups be allowed to choose what word is used to describe them, or when I dared to do things like dress differently than I'm allowed to(which I'm only allowed a nun habit until I lose weight to be considered 'f*ckable'), or when I suggest that males have a privilege that I don't(aka, could I go camping alone, could I sleep outside under the stars alone, could I hitchhike, even, without putting myself in great danger?).

So many people claim that the way sex is today is against christianity--no, it's right in line with it, with women being seen as dangerous and in need of being controlled, fear put into them, the need to be protected, and then blamed for their rapes. Because it's obviously their fault they were asking for it, it's not the males in society--anyone who thinks women really have a choice in their actions is being fooled into thinking that women who don't fit the 'effable' quo are still treated the same. WRONGO.

If you're unattractive you become a second-class citizen, as a female.

And one of the shiny happy thoughts in religion is that in heaven you become super-attractive again, and you're all equal in skydaddy's eyes. It's much fluffier than the hard truth that males treat you like things that only deserve attention if you play to their needs, due to thousands of years of implanted cultural indoctrination and privilege.

Yeah, I'm a hatchet-wielding feminazi. I know, I know.

"Yeah, I'm a hatchet-wielding feminazi. I know, I know."

I strongly approve of the hatchet-wielding feminazi agenda.

My bit:

- Keep in mind atheist women aren't all gonna be the cute little bumpkin in the photo, religion is really good at tossing out the marginalist groups who they mistreated to begin with, like less attractive girls--learn to not pick based on your boner, that girl is probably already taken anyways.

- Some of us don't want to breed. Some of us don't even really want to get married. In fact, quite a few of us have no wish to ever settle down in the suburbs and have a family. Yeah we need more smart parents but for those of us who hate screaming, snot-drooling larvae that other people produced, it's not for us.

And again, that doesn't mean we're all for sex then, either. Or that we're not looking for a long-term relationship.

Wow so basically just keep doing what I'm doing and add a few stickers to my laptop? ;P 

Haha luckily I'm getting OUT of Tennessee so the numbers of Atheist women will skyrocket especially in a liberal, artsy, college-town xD  

who's the strawberry blonde in the photo,i want to date her please. = )

Or be yourself. Most of this list disgusts me.

Illegitimately strategizing how to talk to someone. Suggesting plastic surgery. Suggesting hiding the gut, despite someone ultimately finding out about your gut regardless. Hiding nerdy things of your life out of fear of judgement. Haven't human beings evolved beyond all this finally?

I can however attest to OkCupid, some of the people that run that site compiled an Atheist list and sent it to me. Was very intriguing.

A simple comment on women atheists looking for other women atheists, romantically. Make orientation a priority over religious views in the beginning. Religion can be overcome, lack of attraction cannot.


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