General Introductions: So, Why Are YOU Single?

Let's get personal...

* Still searching for your soul mate?

* Have you lost in love and still tending your wounds?

* Busy life and career, no time to date?

* Broke and lonely too?

* Afraid to get too close?

* Can't find an atheist mate?

* Too shy and introverted?

* Hate the bar scene, but don't know where to meet up with someone?

* 'Been there, done that',  just what a friend/companion?

* Enjoy 'playing the field' and don't want to settle down?

* I'm too stupid, ugly, and insensitive, so nobody likes me?

* Too picky?

* Don't know why I'm still single, I'm a great catch....

* Other....

It's time to introduce yourself. There is nothing wrong with being single, some of my best friends are, and are happily single at that. Just tell your story, we've all got one... Plus, you never know who you might meet right here on T/A for friendship or more?

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I'd date you without hesitation.  Math?  Cool!  History?  Again,. tres cool.

I'm tired of stupid and/or demented women.

The problem is location, location, location.  I've traveled to every state in the union... except yours.  Which tells you how isolated it is.

Guys, do NOT want girls that are really smart. No, guys, in general, even if the profess otherwise, do not want a smart nor honest woman.

Hah. Yeah, let's keep telling ourselves that. And when men get turned down in a bar it's usually because "she must be a lesbian, I dunno!"

Whatever makes you feel better.

@kOrsan - think about the clever women you know.  Are they valued for it, or resented, by men?  Is it recognized?  Do they have to keep it quiet?  On TA it might be a bit different, but not always.  I've seen men here lose their little rags when women show some brains. 

The experiment went something like this. Dress to showcase the boobs... men flock. Keep mouth closed about subjects you love to discuss, men tag along like little bunnies. EVEN the smart ones you MIGHT be interested in. The day you open your mouth about previously silenced subjects, man does double take. Blinks rapidly.... gets uncomfortable, and the brief flirtation is over. Granted, i AM on an isolated island. Of course not ALL men are this way. I am just getting quite discouraged.

I'm not disagreeing. I'm merely saying it sounded like one of those funny excuses people pose to make themselves feel better.

Sure, intelligence isn't valued as much as looks, athleticism, wealth etc. But can we say that this bias only exists for women? Come on now. We know both sexes are just as equally discriminated against when it comes to things that actually matter. Women have to conform to societies ideals about a slim waist, and being the semi-conscious kitchen appliance that has to obey the man, while the men have to conform to the bullshit rules about being the boss of the household, being tough and rugged, being cannon-fodder in war etc. The door swings both ways. I had girls tell me I'm a nice guy, but as soon as I try to talk about something that is relevant to reality as we know it, i.e. something other than make-up, hair, or gossip, they stare at me like a cow getting inseminated. We all have to deal with this, whether male or female, and I'm sure gay people deal with the same shit also.

Oh and sadly, I do not know any clever women - in my immediate social circle that is. I know a few online, especially here. But other than that, none. That's one of the things that has chiseled away my faith in humanity over the years. For example, there are 3 lovely women at the place I work. But all of them have several times displayed and reminded me of how irrational they are, by either asking me my star sign or attempting to read their futures from coffee stains in a cup. My female "friends"/acquaintances are the same. On the surface you might mistake them for people with some sort of cognitional skills, since they have been exposed to a form of education (university), but then you find out they pray and believe the Quran. Yep.

Well perhaps that is where I have gone wrong.  I wont comply to those things you mention.  My body is however it is, as long as I am healthy I REALLLLLY just dont care. I am NOT skinny, nor really fat.. ah well.. I would never ever "obey" anyone. So it is me I suppose that doesnt conform and its not my intellect that scares them off?  Who knows. Personally? I would not like a man who thinks he is the boss of the house, nor one who thinks it is even ok that ANYONE is cannon fodder. Tough often equates with an over abundance of testosterone.  Rugged characteristics follow that as well.  On deeper thought, it is perhaps my lack of will to conform to societies demands than it is my tendency to frighten the opposite gender when my brain sends out its tentacles. Perhaps it is a combination.  In any event, I am OK with the idea that I may grow old alone (with many cats!) I enjoy silence and my own company quite well. I have no intention of breeding another child. I am good to go!

On the door swinging both ways.  On the subject of intelligence. Women dont care if they understand what a man is talking about when he is an intelligent fellow.  It has been my observation that this they prefer it EVEN if they dont live in his "world" intellectually.  Biology and Psychology are at play. This means he will be able to provide a steady income (the probability of it).  Age old things.  So if he is smart AND good looking he is still very much attractive.  On the flip side, if SHE is smart AND good looking, the physical will cease to matter once the intellectual comes to light.

I wasn't talking about you specifically, don't get me wrong.

I wish it were as you say, but sadly the physical very rarely ceases to be the main attraction of a person's being. The first impression always matters, and I know this for a fact because I'm not good looking, I don't dress well, and I'm awkward. So people will often assume intellectual superiority, until I cut them off and talk them to the ground. Sadly the first thing people can see are not your thoughts, but your face, clothes and hair. As a sapiosexual I have a lot to say, but I don't want to derail the thread. If you like, I've written about my thoughts on women and societal pressure before (in a rant).

The most hilarious point here is I am the "kind of woman you want" hahah and yet you call me a middle aged soccer mom. Oh the irony ;) Granted I am much too old for you, but I am the result of your "I want" rant.

On a personal side. I saw that you did exercise compassion to another human (my) last night. Good on you.

On a personal side. I saw that you did exercise compassion to another human (my) last night.

Huh. Who? Lies. Don't believe her.

And no, sorry, from what I remember you said you have children. I dislike children, to the point of feeling actually uncomfortable of being in the same room with them. Age is not a problem for me, as you'll find out the more you read any of my posts, I'm an old grumpy cynical fuck stuck in a somewhat younger body. You're also too nice. My ideal woman is someone like Marla Singer from Fight Club, for the lack of a better example.

I do have a child.  A 15 year old. She will begin University this coming Autumn. I am done with babies.  I teach gifted children all day though. They range in age from 5 to 16 and they are profoundly gifted so it is in NO WAY any type of regular school type deal. Youre right.  I am too nice.  Its a flaw and magnificent all at once. I dont want to be your ideal woman in any way.. I was just positing that all the things you want a woman to be and do for herself... was very ironic because thats how I operate my life and the result (whether I am too nice or not) is something you call a middle aged soccer mom. It was funny.

It was more about the fact that from the limited exchange we've had so far I couldn't bring myself to rationally agree with most of what you've said. It's great you teach smart kids I guess but nowadays every parent thinks their kids are a prodigy. I'm not sure if there's an ideal woman, unless I find someone who's as, in your words, miserable as I am. Otherwise a lone death it is, oh well. Integrity is worth it. Besides there are always prostitutes. They're cheaper than a relationship too!

Funny thing that.  I dont "get turned down at the bar" (I dont go to the bar but I get your point). I dont get the look of worry and confusion until I start talking about Physics or some such. On the other hand, I dont want to date a guy that cannot keep up with me anyway, so I suppose it is all for the best.  On another note, there are also men who CANNOT keep up, but will follow me around even though I have quite clearly expressed my distaste for them. Psychology is such an interesting topic.


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