As an atheist..should i enjoy life and have relationships with girls and taste alot in life and had many expereinces but also bad memories..or should i search one love and marry but dont taste alot in life

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I don't think being an Atheist has much influnece on that choice (although it has the advantage of not having dogmatic restrictions regarding relationships).
Either way of life has its appeals and drawbacks, and there are many combinations possible in between.
Personally, I would pick finding one love, as the "party" life is less appealing to me (I'm shy enough as it is to even start something with one girl). However, I wouldn't judge anyone picking a different lifestyle.

The choices aren't mutually exclusive. 

That seems to be a non sequitur. Was it a reply meant for someone else? I didn't imply that anyone was telling anyone what to do.


Both come with sacrifice, and I'd say that sacrifice is equal. But complete love is not exclusive.


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