As an atheist..should i enjoy life and have relationships with girls and taste alot in life and had many expereinces but also bad memories..or should i search one love and marry but dont taste alot in life

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I don't think being an Atheist has much influnece on that choice (although it has the advantage of not having dogmatic restrictions regarding relationships).
Either way of life has its appeals and drawbacks, and there are many combinations possible in between.
Personally, I would pick finding one love, as the "party" life is less appealing to me (I'm shy enough as it is to even start something with one girl). However, I wouldn't judge anyone picking a different lifestyle.

The choices aren't mutually exclusive. 

That seems to be a non sequitur. Was it a reply meant for someone else? I didn't imply that anyone was telling anyone what to do.


Both come with sacrifice, and I'd say that sacrifice is equal. But complete love is not exclusive.

It seems to me that as I recently ventured into the vortex of online dating, the men I encountered in their thirties, and forties in some cases, all typically divorced with kids, were ALL just looking for someone who is DTF (down to fuck) and it was practically the first things out of their mouths in some way, shape or form...

I even tried changing my profile between different settings. It didn't matter whether I had my profile saying, "wants to date but nothing serious," and "I want to find someone to marry."...and everything in between. I changed my "About Me" section, NUMBEROUS times, and still, no matter WHAT I had written, no matter how polished, sophisticated, or casual, or even short and sweet, it was like ALL of them were just looking to fuck.

I have come to the conclusion that men who are divorced/separated etc are just NOT looking for anything serious, no matter what they say, and are incapable of having real conversation without sex entering into the equation. It's sad because it's only deepened my already feeble ability to trust men, and sent me back into hopelessness, that it's pointless to try to have another relationship with someone. And it only deepens my resolve to just stay single for the rest of my life. I don't think men really want to be with just one woman the way the Christians teach you that you should...

I wonder what would happen if I changed my profile to Christian...I wonder if Christian men would be different....Could it be that Christian men are more faithful than Atheist men? Is it just the fact that you don't have to answer to a god that you go back to your normal animal selves and only think about sex, not real intimacy and connection?

I also wonder how long men expect to wait these days for sex. Say I do go on a date with someone, do men expect sex right away, or do they mind waiting a while for it? I wonder how long is acceptable by dating standards. I haven't been on the dating scene like this...ever...

It doesn't ultimately matter because I've given up on it...So this post is really just a vent of my frustration. lol...I'm happy single and going to stay that way from not on, and forget trying to find a man. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. I guess if nothing else, I at least know how fucking easy it is to get laid should I ever want to. There's no shortage of men who are DTF at any given moment.

What's frustrating to a man in the dating scene is that most women want love and intimacy rather than sex. 

Mother Nature didn't give us sex with a price tag of love and intimacy attached. Sex was put there to make babies and made it pleasurable so that we'd seek it out. Now that we know how to not make babies, we can just enjoy the sex! Wonderful!

I have found that men and women are no different. In one study I came across around 48% of the women who participated cheated and 50%of the men. I find very few woman who are concerned with monogamy and romance. I have also tired of looking for a decent mate. Everyone is after sex until they are spent and settle. I've settled with research and personal contentment. I'll take single life over empty sex any day.
What research is that? I've NEVER known women to be just after empty sex unless she's secretly trying to please a man, or performing as a job. Women crave love and connection.
Well it may just be the female populas in my area, but it's the wall I've kept running into. Bio-engineering and data analysis. Im an independent researcher hoping to get my work off the ground in the next year or two.
And no, not all single fathers just want sex. Im a single patent because I refuse to have that. I hope that I one day meet a woman and can set a good example for my daughter. Until then I keep busy.
Nah it's just a front. Girls from there are taught to be pretty ghetto and "hard" but it's just a front. Get them to let their guard down (after building trust, which takes TIME) and you'll see.

That's the problem w/ men these days. They expect everything in a big fucking hurry. Lol


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