Have you ever dated someone who believed in God or was very religious?
How did that work out for you?
Is it possible for an atheist and a theist to be together in the long run?
Would you date them in the first place?

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He can have his head in MY pants, lol as long as he comes up for air occasionally to look me in the eye and have a good conversation, lol
Lol, I know, I'm just messing around, no pun intended :)

On a serious note, I am not "in the market," because I myself am not recovered. It is fun to joke around though.

I like woman that can think freely and that enjoy intellectual debate…along with the finer things in life. So dating a Christian whose world view is based on a delusion would be a disappointment. It is so unsexy to hold such a pessimistic and immature stance. No spark, no fire, no fun, no way.

Hear, hear!

Never had this experience.

Nor would I ever consider getting involved with someone who was truly religious.

They would have to be the most amazing fucking human to ever have existed except for that one tiny flaw.

But faith is such a corrosive thing that it effects everything else about that individuals personality.

So I dont ever see it happening.

Good topic though.

I have dated women who were middle of the road, kind of cultural Christians who don't take it seriously. I don't see any harm in that.  I've also dated a Jesus freak for a couple of weeks. The last straw was when she wanted me to pray with her and help her hand out the vile propaganda on the street. 

My first wife was Church of Christ and converted to Catholicism.  We didn't part over religion, but my present wife is atheist.

On the flip side, the entire time I was married I was a HARDCORE Christian. My ex-husband is technically Catholic, (aren't all Mexicans? Lol) but he hates church, doesn't read the Bible, and basically just prays on his own and wants to be left alone about it. I would bug him to go to church with me ALL the time. He did go for a few months and I thought his so-called "change of heart" was genuine. I was THRILLED!!!......then he left to Mexico for 3 months (immigration) and when he came home - after he had gotten all the support from our church including his letters of "good moral character" he basically came for the welcome home party, smiled, and then stopped going to church completely. I feel like he used the people at church and it pisses me off. To this day he posts religious songs on facebook along with lovely pictures of our son like he's such a great guy. Friends of MINE still "like" all his shit. Real charmer. Fucking asshole. All I can think though is I must have driven him nuts about going to church. Now my blood boils with rage as I see him use religion to put on a fasad like he's so nice and holy. I can't even breath sometimes he just causes this rage inside of me I can't put into words.

I have yet to date someone who isn't religious or considers themselves atheist or agnostic. There was one person I dated, she was Christian, but I suppose I had sown a lot of seeds of doubt, she discovered that she's lesbian, and later identifies as atheist today.

One girl of whom was a strong christian I had a close friendship with, we'd hook up ever now and then, she was open to discussion and we could share our difference of opinion openly with each other. We'd never get into heated discussion, it was always civil and in good fun. I wanted to start a relationship with her but she didn't because "we see things too differently". I'm not sure if it was my atheism or just my general way of thinking skeptically.

All in all I'm 0 for 2 with the Christian crowd in terms of working out a relationship long term haha.

Ah, the old "I've discovered I'm a lesbian" trick. That one was used on me, too.

She's seriously lesbian. Throughout the relationship she was hiding the fact that she's more attracted to women than men. Maybe she's bi with a preference toward women, but she's been dating women exclusively since we broke up. We're still really good friends.

I dated a pagan before and he wasn't really that strongly religious to be honest. He hated Christianity and was very happy to date an atheist as opposed to a Christian 

I will date a religious person, only if their faith is a personal ordeal and not some sort of bible bashing lunatic 


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