Have you ever dated someone who believed in God or was very religious?
How did that work out for you?
Is it possible for an atheist and a theist to be together in the long run?
Would you date them in the first place?

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Hi so for your questions I have dated someone who was a "Christian". For us it didn't work out at all because of his faith that he said he had. He was the type of Christian that did a ton of unchristian things like drugs and he cheated and was very judgemental, yet he claimed to love god and Jesus and was going to heaven because he was a Christian and all he had to do was repent and all that jazz. We didn't work out because for the simple fact that I was an atheist and he felt that I was this evil person that was going to hell even though he was the one that was just a complete hypocrite. But I do know other people that have dated a religious person and it can happen if you have understanding and maybe some compromise, but I think if kids are involved then it's not going to work in my opinion anyway, but I think you should give people the benefit of the doubt personally and just give them a chance.
I have dated someone that I really liked quite a bit and it didn't work out because she was just "too religious". I tried to put up with it, but ultimately I just couldn't stand it. I might be able to if someone maybe believes, but isn't too serious about it. She would probably have to be at least skeptical, though or I don't know if they would be able to handle me and what I believe.

I'd sooner date a Christian than a smoker. 

Look, Christians come in many flavors. Some would insist on having things their way, others would place a lot of emphasis on getting along with others and doing conversion through example. When I was a Christian (Episcopal), that was the sort of Jesus I believed in ("Let him who has never sinned throw the first stone").

A very evangelical fundamentalist Christian would probably be pretty close to impossible to date for very long. For one thing, like hell I'd wait until we were married to have sex.

It's not ideal, is it? But it can be interesting. And people change.

I would not ever date a theist. Period.

I wouldn't be likely to date most Christians. I might make an exception for a member of a non-evangelical sect, like a Unitarian.

I'd go for a Hindu woman. They don't proselytize.

This may sound rigid, but I've fallen in love with all that science is discovering, as well as having such a strong pursuit of knowledge - real knowledge - that I could never be with someone who did not share that. Any religion or *woo* would only mean that person has not reached the same level of intellectual honesty, that we would simply not be compatible. Plus, I'm such an atheist now I could never settle for someone who was not equally so. I would not be happy.

I've been afraid to date such types, so no. 

Certainly, this did not work out for me. 

I find that there is something twisted in the concept of a theist and an atheist getting together.  The core of modern theism seems to be that the idea that make-believe is an OK thing for civilized adults to believe in.  I often get the impression that religious individuals feel contemptuous and disdainful towards the ideas of reality and truth.  "In the long run" usually involves breeding, and breeding is typically the indoctrinated agenda of a "believer".

So of course I wouldn't date one in the first place.

Gad! I used to be a big-time Deist.

Of course, if ye's avatar be up to date, that 'twere LOOOOOONG before ye 'twere born.

Now, huuuuuuuuuummmmm, it depends on what her swimsuit photo look like AND...yes, I am that shallow.

Well, personality DOES play a key part.....about 50/50.....I suppose. 

There could be exceptions. 

No.  And I have to advise others against it as well.  Especially female atheists.  In any event, female atheists should have no reason to date a believer because there are so many more male atheists around to choose from.

I have been married for a long time (I joined this group just to reply to this question).  It is hard enough communicating with another person when you have similar views because of all the unspoken assumptions you each have from your separate life experiences.  Adding religion to the mix means that you will probably have very little in common and will have big trouble in the relationship sooner or later as a result.

La Serena:
RE: I'd prefer to be alone and happy, than in a really troubled relationship like my previous ones......

My own life circumstances have brought me around a lot of women in both professional and outside of work - support group, fitness, etc.....

What I'm noticing is that while SO many women have similar experiences, it is possible to heal and move on to healthy relationships if one wishes. I myself am far from that point, but I'm close enough that I see the possibilities. It really is a matter of coming to terms with "the past" and then knowing how to set strong boundaries. This is an acquired skill, and for lots of women (myself included) it doesn't come naturally at first because we are not TAUGHT!!!! But the bright side is that it's possible. A lot of things are possible when you have room to grow freely. Go Chica!
Go Girl! As far as men are concerned it's weird, that whole verse Christians use to "not be yoked with an unbeliever" well....I could never ever ever EVER under any circumstance even FATHOM "submitting" to a man again." And whether they say it out loud or not, Christian men, (fuck that, ALL theist men) are indoctrinated to think of women as beneath them. There's only one circumstance I want to be beneath a man and it's not when I'm trying to have a conversation! Besides that one instance I am an EQUAL, and if he can't handle it then he can't handle me beneath him. If he can't stimulate my mind then he doesn't get to stimulate anything else. And if he can't love me for the godless woman I am then this rosebud will remain shut, and at best he can expect friendship. I'll be friends with (almost) anyone, but a dating partner MUST at least have a brain and be a real man.


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