well, I am recently single and what I would like is to meet a guy who is an intelligent, free thinking person. Not a lot of guys like that around here.

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Agreed, Sasha. Why not post a profile on my atheist dating and networking site http://www.sexed-up-atheists.com? You've nothing to lose!
This link doesn't work.
I'm in a small South Texas town filled with people who still have McCain Palin bumper stickers on their cars. So I can feel for ya.....
Trying to find a women whose a free thinker just isn't going to happen....lol
Nah... we're out there... were just outnumbered by u males. lol
Single... looking for casual dating.
I've got brown hair and hazel eyes, I'm a girl, and I'm almost 21
- Update - I am 21
I have to say, dating is probably the hardest part about being an atheist. There just aren't enough of us around.
Most dating sites I have joined, MATCH, etc. list "Spiritual but not religious" as a choice for a persons religion.
what does that mean ? do they believe in sprirts ? to me the terminology is meaningless

spelling error, sorry
Me too. Single and atheist, and tired of meeting girls who are cute and smart and sexy, and then.. oh shit, you believe in fairy tales? DAMMIT!

Living in Utah, I have the deck stacked against me, but there have got to be some decent single girls out there...

I'm in Santiago de los 30 Caballeros, Dominican Republic (and yes, i am one of the 30), 5'10", thin, black eyes and hair, 21 years old.

Looking for a female that doesn't mind debating once in a while, preferably atheist, patient and with a soothing smile.

Oh shit !! I used to think that is my big problem in my islamic country,
 and turned out to be most atheists problem.


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