Please post 10 reasons why you want to move to canada, and/or think the US is REALLY f@#ked up!

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1. Paying several thousand dollars a year on medications and doctor visits
2. Intelligent Design in Schools.
3. I'm going to live in a cardboard box b/c of my college tuition debt
4. I'm tired of being associated with the dumbest ppl in the developed world
5. Passing a church every ten feet
6. Corrupt Politicians
7. The War in Iraq
8. Pat Robertson
9. No child Left behind
10. Bad public schools, and creationists who want to make them worse
1. Screwing up history
2. More than 1/3 of Americans think creationism is right. (not 100% on the statistics here)
3. Talking about the Constitution/DoI when you don't even have a 9th grade understanding of the documents
4. Obstructionist politicians that won't allow anything to get done
5. Acceptance of prejudice against atheists
6. Unconstitutionality of religious requirement for running for office in certain states
7. "Morans" who lump fascism, socialism, and communism. (hint: not the same thing)
8. Validity of Glenn Beck and other Fox News idiots
9. Global warming denialists
10. Racist anti-immigration and profiling policies

My Ten for 2011:

1. Dominionism/ Christian Nationalism

2. Multi-Trillion Dollar Government Debt

3. The Tea Party

4. Senate Bill 5 and similar attacks on Unions and Education

5. Rapture Morons

6. The Creation Museum

7. Wall Street morons who never learn their lesson (Enron, Wakovia, City Bank, Lehman Bros, WorldCom, etc.)

8. Rising College costs and no guarantee that a diploma= a job

9. Climate Deniers

10. Anti-Choice Crazies

Just a little head's up from a Canucklehead, folks ...

Things have become increasingly, ah, more "Xian Fundie" over here as well. Our current government is comprised largely of Evangelical/Born Again Xians. Consequently, funding/research money for sciences (and especially for Climate Change and green technologies) has been going down the drain, whereas subsidies for oil have been going up the wazoo. Similarly, there has been extensive political talk about privatization in everything - including health care. Hence, like in Australia and (somewhat) like the UK, we have begun suffering from a Theist backlash - since about 2006, to be more exact.


We even have one or two Creation "museums" now, including a "traveling" one (sigh). Oh yeah - we also have our Climate Change deniers and a newly established equivalent to Faux News (Sun Media News Network).


Of course, these remain (at least so far) nothing like what you folks have been enduring in the US, mind you.


Nonetheless, just be advised that the, ah, weather may not be so clear and shiny as much as it used to be here, in Canada.


Then again, a sudden influx of energetic, free thinking people into my country could easily reverse this growing trend, eh? After all, we have living space aplenty left! ;-)

Absolutely! I lived in Alaska for 14 yrs. and drove through Canada to get to Missouri where I now live. Beautiful country, nice people....I'm in!

1. Universal Healthcare. I'm turning 48, have worked hard all my life, raised four daughters on my own, and have NEVER been able to afford healthcare. I'm afraid of something brewing that I won't know about until symptoms hit and it's too late.

2. Beautiful country!

3. Less of the crazy far-right Christian insanity that threatens our very humanity here.

4. Really embarrassed to be an American these days with all the craziness going on.

5. The war that should never have been and such blatant lies and deceit by our government that has risen way above the "norm."

6. The tea party and Fox News nuts influencing those who can't think for themselves. It's pretty damn scary knowing that many of them vote!

7. The Republicans trying to take basic human rights away, such as marriage equality, women's reproductive rights, and our rights as atheists to NOT have to conform to their wishes.

8. Republicans. Period.

9. Lots of places I would love to visit in Canada and wild animals to see!

10. More freedom.

These are not in actual order of importance, but important nonetheless


1. Poor get poorer, rich get richer 

2. Tea Party

3. Church fliers/billboards everywhere

4. Religiosity in Government 

5. Evolution being seen as mythological

6. Night in Canada (support the Nashville Predators myself)

7. American Cancer Society not taking Secular Money

8. Universal Healthcare

9. Wilderness that has the cool animals

10. Wars that never seem to end

Well far from perfect I must admit I love my country. The main appeal I think for unbelievers is that trying to force your religion on another is considered socially unacceptable here, for the most part. 

Like Pierre said we aren't without our issues though.We have all the same problems every country does such as crime and corruption but I do love it here.

All you need to know about canada, is that Heather and myself live here!


Ha ha ha. I'm on my way.

FYI, We have a Tea Party in Canada too, only they're a rock band that (used to) kick ass.

Don't forget our lower Crime rates! Unfortunately, Pierre was right about where Canada seems to be headed, so come here and help bring the old Canada back!


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