I get so sick of sci fi shows always being cancelled. It pisses me off even more when they end with an opening for future shows. Firefly is the first show that comes to mind when I think about this but recently I got into Terra Nova. I love time travel stuff and I regularly daydream about going back in time myself. I felt like this show was based on one of my daydreams and I was excited to watch it every week. This is only the most recent show that has pissed me off. Honestly I like to watch all sci fi shows even the lame cheesy ones like Kyle XY. I thought that show was so fucking lame but I couldn't stop watching it and I was pissed when they ended it so abruptly.

Can I get a WTF please for all the short lived sci fi shows?

Feel free to list cancelled shows that made you say "WTF"

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