I just ordered three of my favorite sci fi films on blu ray and I cant wait!

Earth VS. The Flying Saucers. I have this amazing classic on dvd but the blu ray has both color and black and white versions. I havent seen the color version and am very excited to see it for the first time on a 40 inch flat screen in high definition bu ray!

Forbidden Planet. Of course I have the dvd but I had to get it on blu ray and enjoy it big screen style. The screen captures I have seen make it look fantastic!

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow. Not actually a classic but this is one of my favorite films of all time. From the crazy sci fi themed story to the fantastic all cgi rendered world of robots and ships. I think this film is extremely underrated and I really hope the creator/director makes more movies. He was my choice to direct the new star wars movie currently being prepped to film. I hope he is considered for future star wars projects. I'll post again after I get my blu rays in the mail.




Peace out.

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