Hey guys, I saw this on 60 minutes last night, and found it to be really cool. What are your thoughts? does this discovery have the potential to completely redefine the psychological definition of what we call memory??

here's a description on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperthymesia

Here's the actual news segment. it's really crazy lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlNB7dAXQEc


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yeah... this could be such a great thing for the world... learning how to harness the power of this type of memory and use it. of course, I'm sure there are obvious disadvantages as well, such as past relationship breakups, etc. that one would remember vividly.

hmm... no, I have not. And, yes, I'm really interested in psychological aspects of people and society.

I watched the clip and couldn't help but wonder if it is a genetic trait, and if Marilou's brothers possessed the same "gift".   With seven Billion people on the planet, there must be many others around the world who can do the same thing but have not been interviewed about it (like Marilou Henner).

If it is an advantage, then natural selection would select it over time.  The fact that most people can't do it makes me think there must be some disadvantage to it.  I saw the original interview with the six others last year and nearly all of them said there was a down side to having such a great memory...  One woman said she wishes she could forget her divorce, the death of a parent, etc.   Two sides of a coin I guess.

Al W.


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